Custom Crating for LTL Shipments

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July 9, 2021
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Custom Crating for LTL Shipments

When it comes to shipping domestically or internationally, you always wanted to make sure your shipments are properly prepared and protected. Investing in custom crating is recommended for industrial and commercial properties to ensure that their shipments are properly packaged. Incorrect packaging can lead to damage. Whether minimal or not, any damage to your goods can cause real problems. This is why it is important to understand certain risk factors that can lead to excessive damage to your shipments. One risk factor to consider is if you are shipping an LTL shipment.

What Is An LTL Shipment?

LTL stands for less than load. And it refers to shipping something smaller than a standard container. It can be an effective strategy if you are shipping small shipments frequently, or need to ship to multiple locations. Your partial load usually shares a truck or freight container with other loads. This decreases costs as you and the other shippers will split the cost. Additionally, this is more environmentally friendly as you are not wasting space. But there are some risks to consider.

Why Are LTL Shipments More Vulnerable?

LTL shipping is commonly done by small businesses because they rarely have enough cargo to fill a full shipping container. The issue is that if your shipment is not correctly packed, the extra space in the container presents a real danger. Not only can your shipment jostle during transit, but so can the other shipments. That is why it is important to consider packing that is designed to the exact dimensions of your shipment. Getting a standard crate or pallet could lead to problems as extra room means more space for things to move.

How Do Custom Crates Help?

Custom crating companies can provide designs that are tailored to your exact shipment. This can protect your goods in a few key ways. First and foremost, strapping and padding within a crate, or with a pallet can decrease the risk that your cargo moves in transit. By carefully securing your goods a crater can ensure that there is less risk of impact damage to your goods. By providing a full crate, you can also decrease the risk of other partial shipments bumping into yours. If you use a pallet alone, even with proper strapping, there are still risks that other things break loose within the shipping container. A custom crate can provide an extra layer of protection.

Crating for LTL Shipments in Greater Boston

Crate This provides crating for small businesses. You can get a free no-obligation quote on any of our shipping containers or other services by contacting us.

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