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Secure & Affordable Commercial Storage Space

Shipping schedules often fluctuate. It can be very challenging to keep on top of your shipments and make sure that your customers and clients get their packages on time. There are many factors that cause delays, which is why we work hard to not be one of them. By appointment, Crate This will work 24/7 on a special rush service to make sure your crates are designed & built expertly and promptly. We work around the clock to make sure that your project's deadlines are met. 

Our Custom Crate & Packaging Process 

As soon as we begin business we will travel from our building in Holbrook to your location. Once we have determined a secure way to transport your goods from your building to our facility, we will bring them back to Holbrook. In our warehouse, we will design a crate to match your specifications. For electronics and machinery, we will use our vapor barrier packaging to waterproof the product. For more fragile items like expensive art or glass, we use special packing material to keep products from getting damaged.

Flexible Shipping Schedules

Like we mentioned before, we understand that shipping schedules can be very complex. In a situation where an order needs to be canceled or rescheduled, we offer storage options until you are ready to ship. You can keep your shipments safe and secure in our warehouse. Our warehouse is designed to keep products safe from weather elements. It also is monitored 24/7 to keep our client's wares safe. We offer affordable rates for storage in the event that your schedule changes.  

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Want to learn more about our services, or have a shipping project for our team. Contact us, and a member of our team will get to you as soon as possible to discuss scheduling, rates, and more. We are happy to answer any questions about packaging your shipment for domestic or international travel. 
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