Affordable & Secure Commercial Storage Space in Holbrook, MA

Secure & Affordable Commercial Storage Space

At Crate This, we understand that scheduling your shipments is a complex process. If an order is canceled or dates change, it is important to have a secure place you can keep your shipments before sending them out. That is why we offer affordable storage space for companies that need to keep products for an extended period of time. Our crate manufacturing facility has over 40,000 square feet of available space to store your goods and products before they ship. Whether you are working around shipping logistic or you do not have enough room left in your own building, you can keep your shipments safe and secure at Crate This' warehouse.

Commercial Storage Space

Our storage warehouse has 24/7 security monitoring. We pride ourselves on keeping our facility clean and keeping your goods in perfect condition. As soon as you are ready to ship, we will package and send your shipment out. If you need your shipment returned back to your property for any reason, we will help you get it out of storage and can even provide recommendations to make sure it gets back to your facility in perfect condition. Our facility is temperature controlled and kept dry to keep electronics and machinery in their best condition. No matter what your product specifications, we can keep it well protected until it is ready to ship.

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Need some storage space for your products? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you and discuss our storage rates. At Crate This, we are dedicated to the security of your shipments, from the moment we load your goods into our truck, to tailor-making custom crates, to extended storage, and to sending the shipment, we make sure your goods are well protected. We can provide transportation for your machinery, art, electronics, or other shipments from your building to our warehouse.

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