Vapor Barrier Packaging (VCI) and Rust Protection

International ocean shipping environments can be very unforgiving. When shipping long distances via ocean freight, you often need to implement protection against moisture and water vapor. Here at Crate This, we have several different methods for you to choose from when it comes to moisture and vapor protection. Keep your electronics, medical equipment, precious metals, mechanical engineering machinery, lathes, presses, and equipment of all kinds, protected at all times. We offer foil bags, rust inhibitor shrink film in 6 and 7 or 8 mil, VCI barrier in 6 and 7 or 8 mil, and desiccant pouches inside shrink wrap.

What is Vapor Barrier Packaging or VCI?

Vapor barrier packaging or VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) is a layer of protection between your product, and the outside elements. There are several different forms of VCI, whether it be via heat sealed bag, heat sealed shrink or coated paper.

Its an invisible barrier, and the last line of defense for your customer’s product in regards to rust and corrosion. A tiny layer, usually only a few molecules thick, adhere to the products surface creating a layer of protection at all times during shipping.

How does Crate This apply VCI?

Crate This can apply VCI, 1 of 4 ways. We can wrap your product in VCI coated paper, bag desiccant under shrink wrap, seal your product in a foil bag, or heat shrink 6 and 7 or 8 mil thick VCI film around your product (the highest level of protection).

Crate This can perform any of the above on-site at your facility or piece place of rest, or we can perform the work at our state of the art facility within Boston.

Crate This VCI Products and Services

  • Heavy Machinery Shrink Wrap and or Foil Bag
  • Military Equipment Shrink Wrap and or Foil Bag
  • Medical Equipment Shrink Wrap and or Foil Bag
  • Precious Metal Shrink Wrap or Foil Bag
  • On site within 75 miles of Boston
  • Expedited same day VCI upon request
  • Foil Bag
  • VCI Film 6 and 7 or 8 Mil
  • VCI Coated Paper
  • Desiccant Pouches

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