How Do You Relocate A Factory?

Relocation is a challenging logistical process. Whether you are moving a facility across the state, the country, or the globe, there are many different challenges to consider. Obviously the goals of any company that is relocating is to minimize lost time. Downtime can be a severe issue when moving machinery, equipment, and other items from one location to another. One of the largest causes of downtime is damage to any equipment. If machines are destroyed or damaged in transit, this can add months or even longer to getting back to normal. There are other considerations to consider as well including downsizing, storage, consolidation, etc. In this article we will cover some strategies that can help mitigate risks to your business when relocating. For businesses in Massachusetts and New England, Crate This provides commercial storage, expertly crafted crating solutions, and also help with shipping. If you are in need of these services, please contact us. 

What Type Of Relocation Project Are You Planning?

First and foremost, there are some key factors that might change how you approach planning and creating a timeline for a relocation project. The reason you are relocating in the first place might inform some of these factors. For example if you have outgrown your current space and are moving to a larger facility, you may not have the same considerations as a company with the reverse situation. If you are shifting to smaller spaces or consolidating multiple locations, you might need to consider how you will either store or get rid of excess machinery and items that cannot fit in the new location. 

The first step is to understand the big pieces of the move. Will there be an overlap where you have access to both facilities? Or will you need temporary storage? Does the new facility have enough room for all of your items, or will you need to consider liquidation or long-term storage solutions? Will your current workforce transition to the new location, or are you going to need to recruit a new team? These big picture items can help inform how you will start the process of relocation, and what potential vendors or third parties might be necessary for the project. 

How Do You Relocate A Business

When it comes to relocating the business you need an actionable plan with a timeline. You also need a team who can help with the relocation. This team could be a blend of your existing employees and team as well as third parties that can provide relocation-specific services. For example, our team helps with many different relocation projects from providing storage in Holbrook Massachusetts to providing crating and packaging for domestic or international shipping. 

You need to consider the layout of each facility. How will items be packed and loaded at your current location, and how will they be unloaded at the next location. Of course, a thorough inventory can help ensure that nothing is lost and that you can start planning each individual item’s path from one facility to the next. Projects need to be delegated to different team members as well as third party contractors to facilitate a smooth relocation process. 

Facility Relocation Services in Massachusetts

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