Foam Padding & Bubble Wrap for Damage Resistance in Holbrook

Crate This provides foam padding as well as bubble wrap to protect items from damage in transit. Generally, we will use blocking and straps to hold items down inside our custom-built crates, and then use foam padding and bubble wrap to ensure that no damage comes to the product. We often use foam padding for tradeshow crates, however, foam padding also is ideal for regular domestic shipments. We provide a variety of custom foam applications including; dividers, cutouts, and foam foundations. 

Foam cutouts, foundations, and inserts are a great way to handle packaging delicate machinery, or technology. Inserts can also be used to get multiple items in a single crate. For example, if you are shipping a dozen or two dozen identical pieces of machinery, we can create inserts and foundations that keep them separated and protect them from any impact damage. By cutting the foam to the exact dimensions of your items, we prevent any gaps that would allow the items to get loose or get damaged. 

Whether you are shipping domestically via a shipping truck or van, or you are shipping internationally via ocean or air freight methods, foam padding can protect your shipment from point A to point B.


Protect Your Shipments With Custom Crating

Fragile Goods

Fragile goods like machinery, art, or breakable materials need extra protection to ensure that they remain intact during shipping. You want to make sure you are covered in every regard. From finding the right carrier, to getting custom protection for your shipment. 

Foam Protection

Foam protection goes a long way in protecting your shipments. It can also be great for shipping the same items over and over again. For example, exhibition booths for trade shows or retail locations can utilize foam padding inserts and foundations.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can add an extra layer of protection, especially for small individual items that are being shipped together in a single crate. If you have questions about bubble wrapping or the different padding and protection we can provide, we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Foam & Bubble Wrapping For Shipments

Foam is often used at vertices within the crate or at points where cargo could likely hit the inside of the crate. Due to the unique geometry of a shipment or a machine, it is important to make sure that your shipment is protected from damage. Foam padding is designed to match the shape of your goods and minimize friction and scraping during travel. Meanwhile, industrial bubble wrap provides an overall protective layer to fragile goods to ensure that they are protected.

When you work with Crate This, you get access to a team of professionals who understand exactly what needs to be done for your package or shipment to ensure that it is ready for shipping. From protection like vapor barrier, shock mounting, and foam inserts, to additions that make it easier to pack and unpack like ramps. If you need a custom crate, contact us for a quote. 


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