Is Custom Crating Worth It?

Here at Crate This we provide high quality custom crating and packing services for businesses throughout Massachusetts. A common question is whether or not customized protection is worth it. Generally speaking, the best way to answer that is to understand the return on investment. There can be a bit of a paradox when it comes to spending money on protection. In a way, it is like bringing an umbrella and then noticing that it didn’t rain. The benefits of custom crating can go unnoticed when they are working correctly. No one is really surprised or ecstatic when their shipments arrive exactly how they expected them. But those benefits are definitely noticed when they are missing. You can save yourself money and time by making sure your shipments arrive in the same condition they left in. If you are in the Massachusetts area and are interested in custom crating, please contact us. 

Benefits Of Custom Crating

There are many benefits of custom crating, with the most obvious one being that custom crating provides the best protection for a shipment. Customized crating leaves no room for an item to knock around during the shipping process. This is essential if you are shipping goods to customers and clients to avoid having to issue refunds. This is also valuable to anyone shipping expensive goods that could cost a lot of money to replace. It is important to consider it from that angle. If the cost of customized protection is less than the cost of replacing or repairing damaged items, it is likely worth it. 

Does Custom Crating Take Longer?

One of the chief concerns for custom crating is the timeline. Prebuilt crates do not provide the same level of protection but they can be bought and used almost immediately. And while that can be alluring it is important to understand the risks. What might save time right now could cause serious problems in the future. If goods are damaged in transit, the shipping times will more than double. Businesses lose millions of dollars each year replacing damaged goods whether it is refunds to customers or handling the process of replacing an item internally. This can cause severe delays and issues with efficiency. Custom crating goes a long way in preventing this. 

Can Custom Crating Be Pre-Ordered

Here at Crate This we understand that one of the primary concerns with custom crating is the timeline. While the customized protection is very valuable, it can be difficult to deal with any disruptions in your shipping schedule. But there are some solutions for that. First and foremost, our team provides expedited services when needed to make sure our clients can stay on top of a tight schedule. But we also work with clients to pre-design crating. Industrial and commercial facilities that routinely ship the same items over and over again can all benefit greatly from this service. Basically, once we know the crating you will need for your routine shipments, we can pre-manufacture it for future shipments. It is all of protective benefits of custom crating plus the timeline benefits of ready to ship crating. For more information contact our team.

Custom Crating in Massachusetts

When comes to shipping there is nothing as important as making sure your items arrive in the same condition they left in. The best ways to manage this is by choosing the right packaging and crating for your items. If you are interested in getting a quote on crating for your business please contact us below.

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