International Fragile Goods Packaging in Holbrook, MA

Fragile Goods

At Crate This, making sure goods ship undamaged is our priority. That is why we often work with fragile goods. Whether that is artistic sculptures, delicate machinery, or goods that need waterproofing, we ensure that all our crates are designed with damage protection in mind. We have many different packing solutions that allow us to protect your property.

Impact Damage Protection

Our first goal is to use foam and other shock absorbant materials to ensure that your goods stay secure and do not get damaged due to impacts in transit. For our tradeshow crating service we make crates that are lined with foam to protect tradeshow pieces. We also make sure goods are secured in place so that they do not move around inside the crate during transit. In some cases, we will also use industrial bubble wrap and other plastic wraps to keep products protected from impact damage.

Dust & Debris Protection

Another form of protection that we provide our clients, is heat shrink wrapping. For artwork and electronics, it is vital that dirt and dust do not cause abrasion damage. Heat shrink wrapping is an affordable packaging option that creates an airtight barrier between your goods and the rest of the world. Utilizing this packing method we can ensure that fragile goods are safe from dirt and any other debris that would damage it.

Water Proofing

Whether you are shipping your crate overseas by cargo ship or you are shipping domestically and are worried about rain, Crate This provides vapor barrier wrapping also known as VCI protection. With VCI packaging we can ensure that your products are not damaged by water and that machinery does not rust. There are many forms of VCI including heat-sealed bags, shrink wraps, and coated paper. Depending on the protection you need we will recommend the best option for your shipping job.
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