Reusable Custom Crating in Holbrook, MA

At Crate This we know the value of high-quality packaging. All of our crates are custom made based on what you are shipping. From dimensions to packaging materials we make sure that your goods are secure for wherever they are headed. We also understand the importance of saving during the shipping process. That is why we make reusable custom crating for shipments that will need to be shipped more than once.

The Importance Of Reusable Packaging & Crating

Reusable packaging and crating is not only good for shipping budgets but it is also good for the environment. However, one-size-fits-most crating may not properly protect your goods. The benefit of custom-built crates is that they are hand-designed with your shipment's safety in mind. That is why we recommend getting custom-made reusable crates for shipping and storage. Reusable crates can help you:
  • Ship goods multiple times cost-effectively
  • Store goods efficiently with crating that is the ideal size
  • Decrease your carbon footprint by reusing high-quality crating

Desing Reusable Crating

Crate This provides a variety of crating and packaging services. We often create reusable crates for tradeshows and exhibition booths. Our clients may have to go to dozens of tradeshows a year or potentially set-up a product exhibition booth in retail locations across the country. We want to make sure their booth looks as great as it did at their last stop as it did on their first stop. Not only are these crates designed to be reusable and to be shipped all over the country, but they are also designed to make setting up easier. With ramps, foam inserts, and unpacking instructions, different teams at different locations can receive the crate and effectively unpack it. This same level of thought and design goes into international shipping crates that may need to be sent multiple times. We use high-quality lumber and packaging to make sure you get the most out of our partnership.

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If your company could benefit from reusable custom crating, send us a message. We would be happy to go in detail about how our design process works and discuss pricing for our crates. We pride ourselves on being flexible and finding the right solution for our clients. In one case during a relocation project, we built crates that doubled as shelving units for a client. We always aim to provide a completely tailored approach to your shipping project.  

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