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Recent Project: Crating to Move a Plant from Connecticut to Alabama

Crate This works with companies across dozens of industries to help them send their goods internationally and domestically. Recently we completed a project to help an industrial plant in Connecticut pack up and ship out to Alabama. This process required prototyping crates that not only functioned as transportation vessels but doubled as shelving units for the plant’s goods. This unique crating job required our team to design a new type of crate that would easily convert into stationary shelving once it arrived at its final destination. After our prototypes were signed off on we went to the next phase of producing more than 175 crates.

Prototyping Custom Crate Designs

Every company we work with gets the benefit of our unique design ability and the tools/materials at our disposal. All of our crates are handcrafted using high-quality lumber that is rated for international travel. Because of the quality of our wood, we knew we could make a crate that not only was good for a one-time shipment, but that’s durability would actually allow it to be converted into a storage unit. This is just another way that our team of designers can create longlasting value for a company. At Crate This, it is standard for us to create new crates with unique dimensions, and that often have to accommodate different cargo’s unique needs. The company we were working with had a plant full of custom made molds as well as dyes that had to be carefully transferred across the country. So, before we even began making the crates our process involved designing a prototype for the client.

Making 175 Unique Custom Crates on Site

Another challenge for us was that all of the crating had to be made on-site at our client’s location instead of in our warehouse. This meant bringing materials, tools, and pieces of the crates from our Holbrook location to the Connecticut plant. Once there, we quickly built the 175 crates and secured all of our client’s goods. Our team worked around the clock to ensure that we were not hindering the plant’s work and so that they could quickly move on to the shipping process. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Crate This crew we were able to quickly and efficiently finish this job and help yet another industrial plant relocate.


Get A Quote From Crate This

If you need your plant relocated or simply have a single shipment we would like to provide a quote. At Crate This we always say there is no job too big or too small for our team to handle. We will make sure your crates meet all of the needs of the goods you are shipping so that you can rest assured that whatever you ship, it will arrive in the same condition it leaves in. Interested in a quote? Contact us.

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