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June 17, 2021
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How We Package & Ship Heavy Machinery

At Crate This, there are no projects too big or too small for our team. That being said, we specialize in helping industrial and commercial clients with large shipments that need extra protection. We frequently work with clients that need our help to ship large heavy machinery internationally or domestically. Each of our clients can count on Crate This to provide the perfect custom-designed crate for their shipping project. One-size-fits-most crates leave room which means your goods can easily get damaged. Custom crating is the only way to ensure what you are shipping has the exact materials it needs to protect it from damage.

Recent Heavy Machinery Project

Recently we helped a client crate and ship more than 20 pieces of heavy oversized machinery. This project required our team to work on-site and provide custom-cut crates and packaging materials. As always, our team quickly set up and started moving the equipment onto pallets that were already covered with vapor film protection. Once placed on the pallets additional vapor barrier packaging was added to ensure that the machinery was safe from moisture in the air as it traveled.

Packing and Shipping Oversized Goods

At Crate This we specialize in oversized cargo. Oversized cargo can be exceptionally difficult to transport. Whether you are shipping internationally/domestically by air or by ocean, shipping large cargo comes with many logistical hurdles. If you are shipping something that doesn’t fit in the standard shipping container, (aka out of gauge) you will need to find a carrier that can carry your shipment. You will also need unique packing handled to make loading and unloading easier while also providing ample protection for your goods as they ship.

Vapor Barrier Packaging

We provide a variety of packing materials designed to prevent damage to shipments. For machinery, we often provide various applications of vapor barrier protection. We have four different applications of vapor barrier film and similar products designed to protect machinery from rust and moisture. Additionally, heat shrink wrap is used to prevent dirt and dust from damaging intricate components. Strapping and padding are also used to lock the goods in place and provide a cushion if the goods move at any point during transit.

Get A Custom Crate Quote Today

No matter the size of your shipment, or where you are shipping it we can help. We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years to provide custom-made crates. We provide a variety of specialty crates including crates that can be used for multiple shipments or even a crate system that doubles as shelving. For a free quote on your shipping crates, please contact our team.

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