What We Package

Crate This has been working the packaging and shipping industry for a long time. We have worked with many industrial and commercial clients to package goods for customers and machinery for new industrial plants. Whether you are looking for custom crating to keep your goods secure or are looking for packaging solutions to move out-of-gauge cargo, we have the materials and the experience to help.

Heavy Machinery

One of our most common jobs is packaging industrial-grade machinery. Heavy machinery requires a lot of unique specifications. Depending on where it is being shipped it might need to be shipped as break bulk cargo. To protect the machinery we provide various package solutions for water-proofing and keep contaminants out of the shipment. Crate This provides a variety of packaging options that make moving industrial goods simple. Click here to learn more.

Fragile Goods

Whether you are shipping artwork or fragile glass, it is important to work with a custom packaging company with the experience and the tools to protect your goods. When moving paintings and sculptures from museums to galleries, custom crating is necessary to protect the artwork from damage. Crate This has multiple packaging solutions to keep fragile goods in perfect condition all the way to their destination. Click here to learn more

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