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At Crate This, we pride ourselves on shipping solutions and crate design that is custom-tailored to the protection needs, budget, and shipping strategy that our clients have. We have worked with small businesses and large companies that need to ship technology internationally or domestically. We always work to ensure that technology is properly cared for so that it will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left.

Waterproof Packaging For Shipping Technology

Our clients trust Crate This to provide shipping solutions for shipments that are sent almost anywhere in the world. A common misconception is that domestic shipments have a substantially lower risk of getting damaged than international shipments. Although it is true that international shipping requires more thought and protection, even domestic shipments can be dangerous. For companies that are shipping their products, this means every damaged piece of hardware will result in losses for the company. And for companies that want to ship their own hardware to a sister branch or are relocating their plant, there is a greater need for carefully designed crating. One of a kind computers and machines need one of a kind packaging. The first layer of protection to consider is vapor barrier protection. With four different levels of protection, we will make sure you do not overspend or under-protect your goods.

Dust Protection

Technology, especially any machine with circuit boards needs to be kept safe from dust and dirt. With simple heat shrink wrapping we are able to create an airtight layer of protection on your goods. It cannot be understated the importance of properly packing technology. Even small amounts of dust or debris from packaging can cause damage. At Crate This we pride ourselves on making sure shipments are protected and that our crates can are made to the exact specifications needed. Similar to vapor barrier protection, we have a variety of options for shrink wrapping your goods, so you will not have to worry about your goods not getting the specific protection they need.

Impact Damage Protection

By using straps, blocking, and foam padding we are able to ensure that goods do not move in transit. Even before we design crating, our team will often do some onsite work. We will come to your location and use blocking and straps to transport your goods to our warehouse in Holbrook. The worst damage that happens during shipping is often caused by impacts. By designing crates with minimal extra space and using padding and industrial bubble wrap we can ensure that goods stay still whether they are going across the country or across the ocean.
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