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Packaging & Shipping Solutions

One of the greatest benefits that come from having custom packaging designed is keeping your shipments safe. Whether you are shipping goods domestically or internationally, Crate This can design packaging for your product's specifications. Aside from being able to create crates with custom dimensions, we provide various packaging solutions including: vapor barrier, VCI packaging, heat shrink, and foam & bubble wrap.

Heat Shrink Wrapping

Heat Shrink wrapping is a very affordable option for packaging. It is ideal for domestic shipping and protects your shipment from dirt, moisture, and debris. Combined with our quality crating, heat shrink wraps can provide damage protection for many different shipments. No matter what you are shipping, the experts at Crate This have the experience and materials to recommend the best packaging options for your company. Click here to learn more.

Vapor Barrier & VCI

VCI or volatile corrosion inhibitor packaging prevents rust. We use VCI constantly for any international shipments that will travel by ocean or air. Metal goods need to be protected from rust and VCI ensures that they are will not corrode. At Crate This, we also offer four different methods for using vapor barrier packaging. If your shipment is traveling across the ocean, we highly recommend having it custom packaged with Vapor Barrier packaging. Click here to learn more.

Foam & Bubble Wrap

Our foam packaging reduces the damage that your products can take from shock and impacts while in transit. We offer many levels of thickness and custom cuts of foam to make sure your shipment receives the right amount of protection. When shipping machinery, foam and & bubble wrap ensure that your goods stay safe from impact damage. Our bubble wrap can be used multiple times making it extremely cost-effective. At Crate This we always work to provide the best packaging solutions while adhering to your budget. Click here to learn more.
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