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Crating Design & Manufacturing

We provide a variety of packaging solutions for sensitive assets, including vapor, clear-wrap plastic, and shrinkable poly protection. Specialty poly caps, wraps, and barriers are utilized to protect fragile products and equipment from damage. We specialize in custom packing for ocean, air, and over-the-road project shipping.

Packing Reworking & Reloading

We understand that we can’t always crate at our facility. On-site crating offers the flexibility to come to you and crate your freight. We pride ourselves on the fact that after the job is complete, you won’t know we were there. Our team has the ability to bring all of our own equipment to get the job done.


Partner with Crate This for safe and secure transport of your products. Discuss your shipping or storage requirements with our design team. Armed with the necessary knowledge, skills, and the latest technology, our professionals can easily build customized wooden crates for your assets.


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LTL Crating

Damage is a large concern for LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments. Improperly packaged or palletized shipments can not only get damage, but can cause damage to surrounding shipments. That is why we provide tailored packaging for these shipments.


Tradeshow Crates

As crate manufacturers, we focus on creating high-quality, durable, multi-use crating. Our trade show booth & exhibition crating is designed to make shipping your booth components safer, while also making set-up and tear-down easier. 


Out of Gauge Cargo

Just like how LTL shipments can be dangerous to ship, oversized cargo can present some shipping challenges. Our team specializes in shipping solutions for large, overweight, cargo. We can help you properly package and ship your oversized goods.


Expedited Service

The world of shipping (especially international shipping) is prone to schedule changes. If you need something handled quickly, give us a call. Our team provides on-site services and expedited packing/shipping/crating services by appointment. 

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Relocation Service

Our team has helped facilitate dozens industrial relocation projects all over the country and the world. We can help crate and pack all of your machinery, goods, and other property for either domestic or international shipping to your new location.

What We Package:


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Custom wooden shipping crate costs vary for a variety of factors. Obviously the more materials used will increase the price. Larger crates will need more wood, and additional packing materials like vapor barrier protection, heat shrink wrapping, padding, etc. can also increase the price. That being said, the return on investment is decreasing risks of damage to your goods. A standard wooden crate (not factoring in other materials or labor costs) can cost around $200-$500 based on its dimensions. 

This also has a few factors involved. A simple crate may be able to be manufactured in a few days. The entire process could take longer; obviously the first step is to get the crating information and then either move the cargo to our warehouse or bring the packing materials to your facility. Crate This provides on-site crating services as well as expedited services on an appointment basis. However, if you need multiple crates, specialized packing materials, or there are other unique factors this process could take longer. 

Crate This is based out of Holbrook Massachusetts. We provide on-site services throughout the northeast, on an appointment basis. We also travel farther depending on the size and needs of the crating project. For more information please give us a call. 

Depending on where you are located, we can help pick-up and transport your goods to our facility in Holbrook, or bring our packing materials to your facility. We take extra care to ensure that your goods arrive at our location safely. Because of our strategic proximity to Logan International Airport & Conley Terminals it may be beneficial to ship from there. 

Yes, in the past we have developed a variety of crates that are designed for multiple shipments. In fact, our exhibition and trade show crates are designed to handle multiple shipments in a tradeshow circuit while also providing easy loading/unloading.  

Yes, Crate This handles projects big and small. We have crated and packed everything from oversized heavy machinery to small appliances. Because we make custom crates, our packaging is 100% scalable to the size of your shipment. 

IPPC standards require that any wooden crate or pallets meet wood treatment standards. These standards were put in place to decrease the risk of pests traveling internationally that could disturb local ecosystems. At Crate This we work with NELMA (NorthEastern Lumber Manufacturers Association) to ensure that all of our wooden crates meet these standards and are properly labeled. 

Small businesses should definitely invest in custom crating for domestic and international shipping. Often small businesses and start ups are unable to ship full freight containers. LTL shipping provides savings on shipping costs but can also increase the risk of damage. Loose cargo that is improperly packaged can lead to damage. That is why custom crating is so important for these types of shipments.

Yes, we specialize in helping businesses handle more challenging shipping and packaging concerns. LTL shipping can raise causes for concern when it comes to damage. Choosing the wrong size crating or pallets can increase the risk of damage to your shipments as well as other shipments sharing the container. We can help create crating that protects your goods. 

Yes, the Crate This team has extensive experience working with oversized cargo. Our team has a variety of methods we use to ensure that overweight shipments are properly cared for as well as shipments with large dimensions. For more information please contact our team. 

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