Crating & Packing Services For Taunton Massachusetts

On-Site Packaging Solutions In Taunton

Here at Crate This we work throughout Massachusetts to help businesses with domestic and international shipping. Whether we are storing items at our place in Holbrook, or designing crates, our team can help keep your shipping schedule on track. To that point, one service we can provide is either picking up items at your location in the Taunton area and bringing them to our facility, or bringing our crating materials to your facility in Taunton. By appointment, we can provide on-site crating and packing services or schedule pick up times to quickly and safely move your items to our facility for packing and then shipping. Additionally, we can always deliver the crating to your facility as well. For more information on these services please contact our team.

Custom Crating & Packaging Services in Taunton

Here at Crate This we provide custom designed crating for a variety of projects. Whether you are shipping fragile art across the country or delicate machinery across the state or products to international markets, it is imperative that your goods are protected. The best solution for protection is custom-designed crating. From the dimensions of the crates to the materials used in the packing like custom foam inserts and vapor barrier protection, everything is designed for the maximum protection for your goods. For more information on our services and custom crating, please give us a call or click below for more information.

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating for Taunton

Our team also handles large out of gauge shipments. We specialize in handling difficult to ship items. When an item cannot fit in a standard shipping container or is larger than a truck it is important to consider packaging that works both for your carrier and for protection. With decades of experience in this industry we can help plan packaging solutions that keep your shipments safe whether you are shipping domestically or internationally. 

Industrial Relocation Services For Taunton

Our team also assists in full plant relocation as well as downsizing projects. If you have industrial machinery that needs to be packed, stored, or shipped, we can help. Our team can pick up the items, store them in our commercial warehouse, or help crate and ship them to your new facility. We have helped many businesses fully relocate in New England and across the country. 


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