Custom Wooden Shipping Crates in Holbrook, MA

There are many benefits for businesses of all sizes to use custom crating. Whether you are shipping internationally or domestically, shipping something LTL or oversized, shipping via truck or ocean freight, custom crating can save your business by preventing damage to your goods. 

No matter the size or scope of your shipping project, the Crate This team would be happy to discuss the details with you. Our team is located in Massachusetts and works with companies all over the country to help create custom packaging and crating for domestic and international shipping.

We work with a variety of different materials and package a variety of goods. So whether you need vapor barrier protection to protect electronics or heat shrink wrap for heavy machinery, we have what you need. Get in touch with our team today for a free estimate on any custom crating.  



Protect Your Shipment

The biggest and most obvious benefit of custom crating is the customized protection of your goods. You can lose a lot of money in broken or damaged shipments. Whether you work in e-commerce or manufacturing, broken goods lead to a lot of overhead problems. Our shipping crates are designed to protect your goods as they travel.

Meet International Standards

When shipping internationally it is paramount that your shipment meets all international standards. If there is any wood in your shipping materials (i.e. pallets, crates, etc). you will need to ensure that those shipping goods are stamped correctly with a bug stamp or ISPM-15 stamp. This signifies that your wood is properly treated for international shipping.

Don't Overpay for packaging

Crate This can also help ensure that you are not paying for material you don’t need. Because the crates are tailored to your shipment & are based on the specifications of what you are shipping, we use the exact amount of protection necessary for that shipment. Using standard shipping materials can mean paying more for less protection.


Custom Crate Design

Upon contacting Crate This & speaking with one of our professionals, we will go through the details of your products specifications and shipping needs and create a custom crate that fulfills your products needs while providing it with optimal protection! Crate This can design crates for any product from heavy machinery and equipment, to uniquely shaped items. Following the design and approval process, Crate This will begin to manufacture a wooden crate specifically for your product!

Crate Manufacturing

Crate This manufactures custom wooden crates completely in-house. Our skilled team uses only the finest quality of lumber and careful manufacturing techniques to deliver crates that offer maximum protection for your product. When you choose Crate This, you can trust that your product will be packaged safely and securely, in our durable wooden crates. These crates are prefect for providing protection whether you are shipping across the state or across the globe. 


Yes, we have made a variety of multi-purpose and multi-use crates. In fact, we create exhibition and tradeshow crating that is designed for companies that need to constantly move products and tradeshow booth elements from location to location. Additionally, we have handled an industrial relocation project where the crates we designed were made to work as new shelving units once they made it to their new destination. If there are specific things you need in your crate design, Crate This is the perfect place to get what you need. 

Costs for custom crates vary based on a variety of factors. The materials we use, their application & the size of the project are all going to have an effect on the total cost. That’s why we provide 100% free estimates. If you want a quote for a crating project, give us a call, or use our estimate form at the top of this page. 

We ship a variety of things. A shorter list would be what we don’t ship. However, there are a few main categories of shipments we specialize in, including: 

  • LTL Shipping: Less than truckload is a common consolidation method where multiple shipments will share a shipping container. While this saves on shipping costs it also increases risks for that shipment. We handle packing that is designed to protect your shipment from any surrounding shipments sharing the same container. 
  • Electronics: Electronics are particularly at risk of damage due to impacts, air moisture, or dust/dirt. By combining various materials including VCI application, heat shrink wrap, and padding we can protect your electronic devices from damage when shipping domestically or internationally.
  • Heavy Machinery: Large machinery is often very valuable and also irreplaceable. Our team ensures that these shipments receive the proper packaging and crating to keep them safe while in transit. 
  • Out Of Gauge Cargo: When it comes to large shipments, there is no one better to help you than the Crate This team. Our team has worked with Logan International Airport for years to handle any emergency shipping concerns regarding oversized shipments. Shipments that cannot fit in a container need specialized packaging to keep them safe during the shipping process. 
  • Art & Fragile Goods: When a museum needs to ship a sculpture or priceless art piece they work with custom crating companies like Crate This. Our team specializes in protecting these fragile pieces as they are shipped. 

Our team provides trade show and exhibition crating. Booths that are used for business trade shows and exhibition halls often require a variety of materials. These materials need to be set-up and taken down every single day for the duration of the show. We craft crating that not only protects these elements but is designed to make loading and unloading the crate efficient for set-up and tear-down. That way multiple people can easily use the same crate to handle this process by following the crate’s instructions. 

Yes, our team provides both on-site crating as well as pick-up services by appointment. In some cases we may recommend that your goods are picked up by our team and then brought to our facility where we can manufacture the crates. Our team can handle this process for you. We will protect your goods while they are in transit between your location and ours. Otherwise we can also provide on-site services when needed. 

By appointment we can help with expedited crating and packing services. We understand that the nature of the shipping industry sometimes requires short turnarounds. Our team can help facilitate this by expediting our process. For more information please contact our team. 


new crates made at Crate This

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