If you need to have an item shipped or transported, but it is too large for any standard shipping or packaging methods, Crate This can help you out! Our company designs and manufactures custom solid wooden crates based on your products’ specifications and shipment or storage requirements. We use only the finest lumber and administer strict manufacturing procedures to produce crates that guarantee maximum protection.

Crate Design

Upon contacting Crate This, or speaking with one of our professionals, we will go through the details of your products specifications and shipping needs and create a custom crate that fulfills your products needs while providing it with optimal protection! Crate This can design crates for any product from heavy machinery and equipment, to uniquely shaped items. Following the design and approval process, Crate This will begin to manufacture a wooden crate specifically for your product!

Crate Manufacturing

Crate This manufactures custom wooden crates completely in-house. Our skilled team uses only the finest quality of lumber and careful manufacturing techniques to deliver crates that offer maximum protection for your product. When you choose Crate This, you can trust that your product will be packaged safely and securely, in our durable wooden crates.

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