Does My Commercial Shipment Need Vapor Barrier Protection

Whatever you are shipping you probably want to make sure it arrives in the same condition they left in. The only way that can happen is to properly protect your shipment by understanding and addressing every risk to the safety of the cargo yo are moving. For example, electronic items and metal objects that are transported internationally via ocean freight systems require waterproofing like vapor barrier protection. Electronics and metal can run risks of losing their function or rusting if they are not properly taken care of when shipping internationally. In this article we will cover a few key considerations when packing and shipping goods internationally. If you need help protecting a specific shipment, we would be happy to help. Our crating experts create unique crates for a variety of industries.  

What Is Vapor Barrier Protection

VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) or vapor barrier packing solutions are materials used to provide water proofing. This isn’t just against water but against water vapor as well. There are many different ways to apply VCI or vapor barrier packing materials. For example some bags are heat shrunk around the materials before the crate is completed. This layer provides a watertight barrier that prevents water particles in the air from causing rust or getting inside sensitive electronics. VCI materials are made to vaporize water particles that touch surface of the material providing the highest level of protection from water. 

What Shipments Need VCI Protection?

Any shipment that can take damage from water or water vapor should consider getting customized VCI protection during the crating stage. The two most common applications are for metal objects and electronic devices. Machinery and equipment is almost always recommended for VCI protection especially when it is shipped via ocean freight systems. However, there are many other items that can also benefit from VCI protection like artwork or other fragile goods. Simply put, the more fragile or susceptible to damage a shipment is, the more important it is to consider custom packing solutions. 

Custom Crating in Massachusetts

Here at Crate This, our crating experts provide custom crating solutions for a variety of applications. Our team in Holbrook Massachusetts designs unique crates that always provide the exact protection a shipment needs. We take into consideration every factor that could impact the safety of your shipment from what you are shipping, to how you are shipping it, to where you are shipping it to. If you are interested in a custom quote on crating for your shipment, please fill out the form below. 

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