Emergency Medical Crating

During this global pandemic, the Crate This team has been working with our clients to provide essential services. We know that it is imperative that local businesses and corporations have access to crating and packaging. This is even more true for the medical industry. That is why Crate This is helping laboratories, medical facilities, and other businesses in the industry with shipment by providing high quality crating.

Crating Services For Medical Equipment

Crate This offers a variety of packaging solutions for different shipments. We tailor-make every crate for the dimensions and specs of the cargo being shipped. For instance, with medical machinery, we would recommend vapor barrier packaging and heat shrink wrapping to ensure that the technology is not damaged. We utilize blocking and foam inserts to prevent denting and damage that may occur during transit. During this time it is absolutely vital that medical instruments and machinery arrive in pristine condition. Because there are already shortages of medical goods, we want to make sure that damage is limited. If you are manufacturing any essential goods that need to be shipped, we would like to help. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Our COVID-19 Crating Services

Crate This is working throughout this pandemic to provide essential services. There are a few services, in particular, we would like our clients to know about. We offer expedited services by appointment. If you have shipments that need to go out quickly we can help. Our warehouse is close to Conley terminals and Logan Airport and we can help package and ship goods quickly. Our team also offers storage for businesses that have excess goods that need to be stored for the short-term. We are working around the clock to make protective crating for our clients at affordable rates. If you need medical equipment shipped, we would like to help.

Contact Crate This For More Information

Packaging and crating is an essential service. If you have any essential goods, we would be happy to discuss how we can help. Our team is working full hours throughout this time. We are dedicated to staying open and supporting big and small businesses. Contact us, and a member of our team will get to you as soon as possible to discuss scheduling, rates, and more. We are happy to answer any questions about packaging your shipment for domestic or international shipping. 

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