Crating, Packing, & Storage Services For Medical Equipment

Here at Crate This we provide a wide variety of services for many different industries. This includes aiding medical facilities with storage, crating, and shipping projects. For example, at our location in Holbrook we provide commercial storage solutions that can help businesses facilitate relocation or renovation. 

Our team also assists with creating custom wood crating for equipment and medical supplies to ensure the safety of these pieces in transit. If you need to ship something across the state, across the country, or around the world, you will want custom crating that is designed especially for your equipment or other materials. For more information on our shipping services, please contact us.


How Does Custom Crating Protect Medical Equipment & Materials?

Crate This offers a variety of packaging solutions for different shipments. We tailor-make every crate for the dimensions and specs of the cargo being shipped. For instance, with medical machinery, we would recommend vapor barrier packaging and heat shrink wrapping to ensure that the technology is not damaged. We utilize blocking and foam inserts to prevent denting and damage that may occur during transit. 

It is absolutely vital that medical instruments and machinery arrive in pristine condition. Medical equipment is extremely fragile and it is very important that it stays in pristine condition when shipped. Custom crating is the best solution for medical equipment. 

Our team also provides commercial storage solutions for medical equipment. Our storage facility in Holbrook is the perfect place for businesses that need to keep items stored away while they plan a relocation project or remodeling project. Additionally, because our storage facility is a part of our warehouse, we can crate and ship your equipment when you need it.

Whether you need custom crating or storage solutions, give us a call to discuss your project.


The benefits of a custom-made crate cannot be overstated. Crating that is built for what you are shipping is going to ensure the highest level of protection whether you are sending something across the country or around the world. And with our international shipping crates we can help with international shipping as well.


There are many different reasons you might need temporary storage for medical equipment. It is very common that businesses need to remodel or relocate. In the interim, having a place where your equipment can be stored is important. With Crate This, you have the added benefit that we can quickly pack and ship your goods back to you. 


Our team can also help with the shipping process. Our location is conveniently located in Holbrook which makes it easy for us to help with both domestic and international shipping services. If you are sending medical equipment or other goods internationally, we provide ISPM-15 stamped wood crating that is approved for international shipping.

Contact Crate This For Medical Equipment Crating & Storage in Massachusetts

If you are interested in crating, shipping or storage services for your medical equipment, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss the details of your shipping or storage project and provide you with no obligation quotes for our services. 


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