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Top Benefits of Custom Crating

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What Are Some Of The Benefits of Custom Crating Services

Whether you are shipping something domestically or internationally, one thing that can be a
common concern is an item breaking or getting damaged during transit. When shipping to a
client or customer, this can mean an expensive process of returns and reshipping depending on
policies. This causes huge delays and more than doubles the costs of fulfillment. Even when
shipping items internally from one location to another, damage can have large implications for
day-to-day operations and business efficiency. With that in mind, custom crating has some
obvious advantages. In this article, we will discuss more of those benefits as well as how to
properly source custom crating for your business.

Custom Crating is Necessary For Large Equipment.

When you are shipping something that is not going to fit in a standard shipping container,
custom crating stops being something to consider, and starts becoming something that could
potentially be mandatory. Large equipment that does not fit in standard shipping containers
either needs to be broken down into smaller parts or you will need a large container
custom-made to the dimensions of the shipment. Even in situations where items are being
broken down so that they can fit, there are benefits to getting custom crating when shipping any
type of equipment, especially electronics.

Custom Crating Provides The Best Protection From Damage

As we alluded to at the start of this article, the biggest reason to consider custom crating is the
fact that crating can prevent damage. Custom crating can be like an umbrella or sunscreen, you
start to appreciate its importance when you don’t have it. Shipping anything with electronic
components or anything fragile can be risky. And if you are shipping overseas that risk is
increased even more. Custom crating provides protection and security to your goods. When you
work with the right crating company, custom crates can be designed to be easy to load and
unload by your shipping provider. This can help prevent issues with delays and ensure that
crates meet industry regulations.

Custom Crating Can Be Used More Than Once

A benefit to custom crating is that custom crates can be utilized multiple times. Reusing crating
can easily help you get more for your investment. This can mean a lot in the long run. While
custom crating might seem more costly upfront, the protection from damage and the ability to
use and reuse the crates in the future can help make them a cost-effective solution.

Custom Crating Solutions in Massachusetts

If you own a business in the Massachusets area or are planning to ship to or from New England,
our team can help support your shipping projects with custom crating. Our team has decades of
experience creating custom crates for domestic and international shipping projects. For more
information, please contact Crate This.

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