International/Domestic Crating For Businesses

Here at Crate This we specialize in highly durable crating that is tailored to what you are shipping, how you are shipping it, and how it is being shipped. Whether you are shipping machinery overseas via ocean freight or sculptures/art domestically via trucking, we can help. We create crates that are tailored to the size and shape of your shipment, and use specialized packaging to keep your shipment safe. This can include padding and strapping, vapor barrier protection, foam inserts, and more all to make sure your goods stay in the same condition. 

But Crate This does a lot more than just create crates. Our team can help your business through various stages of the shipping process. We can pick-up your cargo at your location, safely transport it to our warehouse, crate it, store it, and ship it. We are a one stop shop for shipping, storage, crating, packing, and more. If you need a team that can help you tackle your next project, please give us a call


Three Ways Crate This Can Help Your Your Shipping Project

Custom Crating/Packing

Our team designs and manufactures crating that is specially designed for your shipment. This ensures the best protection for commercial and industrial goods that are being shipped domestically or internationally. Our crates are made with wood that meets international standards for shipping


After creating a Crate we can keep it on our shelves here at Crate This. We have a large facility that is can be used for commercial storage. Once we create a crate for you, we can put it up on our shelves and keep it until you either need it shipped to your location or somewhere else. 

International Shipping

Crate This can also help with freight forwarding and logistics. If we are storing something for you, we can ship it right back to you or to the location of your choice. We have years of experience helping clients with freight forwarding and international shipping services.

Routine Crating & Packing Services

We are happy to partner with businesses that often need to send similar shipments multiple times a year or quarter. We collect data on the crates that we manufacture and can keep your crate specifications on file. This means a streamlined system for when you are looking to manufacture new crates and ship them domestically or internationally. 

By partnering with a custom crate provider long-term you gain the benefits of having a place that can both store your goods and store information on how best to quickly manufacture and ship your shipments. For more information on this service please contact us to learn about reusable crating as well as how we can help streamline the process of getting new custom crates made for your company.


new crates made at Crate This

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