International Shipping & Crating Considerations for 2024

While 2023 saw some improvements in shipping and international logistics since the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, there are still concerns on how the pandemic has impacted international trade. Combined with rising costs, labor shortages, and an already overloaded international shipping system, it is important to understand the logistical hurdles we might face in 2024. With costs rising and potential delays continuing, it is always important to understand how to decrease risk for any international shipping projects. Custom crating for example can help decrease the risk of damaged goods or returned goods. In this article, we will discuss some of the key challenges in the freight forwarding industry, and how custom crating can help prevent pricey and time consuming projects. If you are interested in a quote on international shipping crates, please contact our team

How Port Delays Will Impact International Shipping

For the last few years the freight industry has seen major delays and congestion especially with international ocean freight. Analysts in the international shipping industry have stated that they expect these challenges to continue. While things were at their worst during and immediately following the global pandemic, there continue to be echoes of challenges continuing with international shipping. Reports have highlighted that while the effects of the pandemic have become less and less severe especially over the course of 2023, they are not fully gone. Even in a post-pandemic world, many of the issues caused by the pandemic caused volatility that is enduring. For these reasons it is important to take every precaution you can when shipping anything overseas. 

Why Should Companies Invest in International Crating?

International crating is one of the best ways to protect a shipment. Companies like Crate This that specialize in international crating understand the logistical hurdles involved. They ensure that the crates not only provide the best protection for the item being shipped but also meet international standards and are correctly labeled. When having goods packed and crated for an international trip, it is recommended to work with a company that understand international shipping logistics. Mistakes in how an item is packed or crated can not only lead to damage to the goods but also to issues with loading/unloading and with fulfillment. That it is why it is important to work with experts that know what they are doing. On top of that, the benefit of custom crating is of course the custom protection. In a time where shipping delays are a real concern the last thing you want is for good to arrive damaged. Inflation and shipping delays can make resending shipments a much bigger problem for both timelines and budgets. It is better to take time and spend money ahead of a shipment by investing in custom protection than acting reactively if something goes wrong. 

Custom Crating in Massachusetts

The Crate This team designs custom crating for international shipping. We use ISPM-15 certified wood crates that are all stamped and heat-treated to meet international shipping standards. Using the wrong materials for crating or pallets can cause shipments to be rejected at international ports. For more information about our crating solutions, please use the form below to get in touch with our team or give us a call for more information about international shipping solutions. 

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