Rework & Reloading Shipments in Holbrook, MA

Reworking & Reloading Shipments

Crate This exists to create packaging solutions for a variety of different companies and their needs. Beyond creating all-new Crates out of high-quality lumber with our tailored packaging materials, we also work with repairing existing packaging. With our reworking and reloading services, we can take a shipment and shore it up before it sent to its next destination.

Packaging Repair & Reworking

Shipments often need to be reworked. If the packaging of a shipment is damaged in transit, we can fix the packaging before it sent onward. This will not require us to build a completely new Crate but instead, we will just make adjustments. We use many different materials at Crate This including internationally certified lumber, four different types of vapor barrier protection, heat shrink wrapping, & blocking/foam to ensure that crates that are shipped domestically or internationally have the proper protection.

Our Reloading Service

Oftentimes a package will arrive at our location in Holbrook and it will need to be reloaded. Because we are only 15 miles from Logan Airport & 15 Miles from Conley Terminals, our warehouse is the perfect midpoint to adjust a shipment before sending it onward. We will get shipments that arrive and some pieces will need to be removed and repackaged in sturdier more protective packaging. We work with our clients' specific budgets and needs to provide reloading services that provide the best product security at a competitive rate. We also offer expedited 24/7 packaging services, if you need same-day services, contact us online.

Contact Crate This

If you need a shipment reloaded or reworked, we can help. Contact us, and a member of our team will get in touch with you promptly to discuss scheduling and logistics. We are happy to answer any questions about packaging your shipment for domestic or international travel. 
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