International Shipping Wooden Crates

The Crate This team provides high quality durable wooden crates for international shipping. Our wooden crates are durable and through our relationship with the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, (NELMA) all of our crates meet internationally set standards for packaging materials. If you are shipping anything internationally, get a no-obligation quote from us today on a custom wooden shipping crate.

Large, Small, & Custom Wooden Shipping Crates

Crates made by Crate This, are custom designed and built for whatever you are shipping. Whether you need large wooden crates for project cargo or dozens of small crates for retail products, we have you covered. Whatever you are shipping, wherever you are shipping it, and whenever you need the crates, we have you covered. At Crate This there is no project too large or too small for our team. We ensure that you get the exact packaging materials you need. With custom-designed crating not only are material costs optimized but there is decreased risk of damage to your goods because there is less room for things to move or shift in transit.

IPPC-15 Standards For International Shipping & Wood Crates

The IPPC or the International Plant Protection Convention has set standards for shipping wooden crates internationally. The goal of the IPPC is to protect local ecosystems from being ruined or disrupted by an outbreak of pest invasions. Wooden crates could potentially allow for pests to travel internationally with the shipments. That is why the IPPC has set standards for how wood must be treated before it is used for crating. This includes requiring that all wood is debarked and either heat treated or fumigated. All of our wooden crates meet these standards through our partnership with NELMA so that we can assure you that there will be no material issues when shipping internationally. For more information please contact our team.

Heat Shrink Wrap, VCI Coating, & Other Packing Materials

We provide a variety of packing materials to protect your goods as they travel across the world. This includes heat shrink wrap, vapor barrier, and rust protection, as well as standard strapping, padding, bubble wrap, and more. All of our packing materials are designed to optimize costs while not sacrificing the quality and protection of goods. Other shipping companies provide one-size-fits-most solutions that can either not give you the protection you need or overcharge you for unneeded materials. When we design a crate we ensure that every factor is taken into consideration to ensure the safety of your shipment.

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For a free no obligation quote on your next international shipment, send us a message. We would be happy to go in greater detail about how our design process works and discuss pricing for our crates. We pride ourselves on being flexible and finding the right solution for our clients. Whether you need quick expedited services, on-site crating, or something else entirely, we would be happy to talk.

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