Tradeshow and exhibition crates are a necessity for all sales teams both international and domestic. Crate This has been providing tradeshow crating and exhibition crating to the New England manufacturers for years. Whether you need custom ramps, turnbuckles, shock mounts, latch and key with lock, and or custom foam inserts, Crate This has the solution for your show. Everything in the tradeshow exhibition world is time sensitive. Crate This can provide same day, 24-hour, 48-hour turnaround on almost all tradeshow projects. The unions and your team on the ground need simplicity, precision, and well-protected solutions.

Let the team at Crate This provide you with the following services within the New England area:

  • Solid Wooden Crates (CDX and OSB options)
  • Custom Foam Inserts
  • Shock Mounts / Shock Donuts
  • Turnbuckle, Custom Latch and Key, Locks
  • Floater Decks
  • Custom Ramps
  • Company Stencils
  • Comprehensive Handling Labels
  • Custom Hardware
  • Cradles

  • Why Choose Crate This

    Crate This has been providing safe transport of your equipment and products for over 40 years. Our licensed and insured crating and packaging company offers world-class solutions for local, national, and international companies and organizations. Experience the outstanding customer service, high quality crates, and competitive pricing that Crate This offers today!

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