Heat Shrink Wrapping For Domestic Shipments

When you ship goods domestically you want to ensure they stay safe from damage. Foam padding is not always enough to protect your merchandise or property. This is especially true with machinery that can be damaged by debris. Wood fibers, dust, dirt, and other debris can destroy motherboards, circuits, and generally ruin your product. That is why the Crate This team recommends heat shrink wrapping. Heat shrink wrap provides extra protection for goods and comes well-rated for domestic travel.

Protect Packages From Water & Dirt

Whether you ship internationally or domestically, protecting your package is a necessity. Heat shrink wrap is designed to protect goods from moisture and dirt. Both wooden crates or cardboard boxes are not enough to protect your goods from water damage or dust. If you are shipping electronics, machinery, or any item that is more vulnerable to damage by water and dirt, we highly recommend that you utilize heat shrink wrapping. Our team at Crate This will apply the wrap and make sure that your goods are ready to travel.

Heat Shrink Wrappings Vs Vapor Barrier or VCI Wraps?

At Crate This we use a variety of products to secure and safeguard our client's cargo, merchandise, and goods. Different wraps provide different levels of protection and are rated for different jobs. Vapor barrier packaging or VCI provides stronger protection against rust and corrosion than heat-shrink wrapping. However, VCI is better rated for international travel, especially shipping by ocean. Heat shrink is also more affordable and better rated for domestic travel. Depending on what you are shipping, your budget, and where you are shipping the Crate This Team is happy to recommend the right materials for the job.

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