Heat Shrink Wrapping For Commercial & Industrial Crating in Holbrook, MA

What Is Heat Shrink Wrapping?

Heat shrink wrap is a common packing solution that is used across thousands of industries. There are many different types of shrink wrap as well as different ways of applying shrink wrap. This includes shrink wrap bags for smaller individual items, to rolls of wrap that can be placed around a larger item. Shrink wrap gets its name from how it protects items, once shrink wrap is placed around an item, heat is applied which causes the wrap to shrink tight against whatever it is covering. This creates an airtight seal that prevents damage from airborne debris. When you ship goods internationally or domestically you want to ensure they stay safe from damage. 

Foam padding is not always enough to protect your merchandise or property. Foam padding or bubble wrap can protect your shipment from impact damage but not from small particles in the air. Electronics and machinery are especially vulnerable to airborne debris.  Wood fibers, dust, dirt, and other debris can destroy motherboards and circuits. That is why the Crate This team recommends heat shrink wrapping. Heat shrink wrap provides extra protection for goods and comes well-rated for domestic and international travel.

Here at Crate This, our team of crating experts design unique crating and packaging that takes every factor into consideration from what you are shipping to your shipping method and destination. We build international and domestic shipping crates that are durable, reusable, and high-quality. 

What Shipments Need Heat Shrink Wrapping?


Electronic devices are especially susceptible to damage caused by dirt and other airborne debris. Any device with a motherboard or wiring can get significantly damaged from being exposed to the elements. Wooden or cardboard boxes are not sufficient to protect electronics. Ideally, small devices should be packaged individually in heat shrink wrapping, placed into a custom foam insert, and then packaged in a durable wood crate for the best protection.


Machinery has some of the same vulnerabilities as electronic devices. Heavy machinery, especially for industrial or commercial properties is often very expensive to replace. Not only can it be expensive to buy a new machine, but a broken machine can also lead to downtime. That is why it is recommended that any machinery that is moved domestically or internationally is properly protected from from airborne debris and water droplets in the air.

Fragile Goods

Fragile goods, especially one-of-a-kind items like paintings and sculptures require every protective coating and solution they can get. When it comes to shipping anything that is particularly fragile or otherwise prone to damage, it is important to consider not only protective materials but the importance of ensuring those materials are customized to the size and shape of the item(s) being shipped. High quality material is only as effective when properly applied to the shipment. 

Medical Equipment

Medical supples and medical equipment need to be properly taken care of. Most items created for the medical industry need to be in perfect condition to function properly. This includes everything from devices and machines, to test kits, and other smaller items. 

International Shipments

International shipping increases the potential risks of damage to an item. Shipping anything overseas can increase the risks of impact damage as well as damaged caused by water vapor or airborne debris. If you are shipping via ocean freight, you should consider custom crates. 

Vulnerable Goods

Outside of the different categories, you know what you are shipping. If an item is at risk of damage caused by airborne dirt and debris or from water damage, a custom crate from our team can help protect the shipment and make sure it arrives in the condition it leaves in. 

How Is Heat Shrink Wrapping Applied?

There are different types of heat shrink wrapping. For example there are different materials like Polyolefin shrink wrap vs PVC shrink wrap. That said all shrink wrap is designed with the same core principles. Once heat is applied to shrink wrap it will tighten up around an item. In terms of how an item is wrapped, we can use rolls of material to wrap around large items like machinery. There are also bags and tubing that can be used for smaller individual items. Often, when someone is shipping multiple small items, each item is bagged separately, and custom foam inserts are created to hold items in place within a crate. For more information, please contact our team.

What Packing Materials Does Crate This Use To Protect My Shipment?

Custom Foam

Foam can be used to effectively prevent damage to an object when crates are moved around. There are many different ways we can use custom foam including foundations and inserts. Combined with strapping & bubble wrap, this can help secure your shipments.

Vapor Barrier

While heat shrink wrapping can help protect against airborne debris. If you are shipping via ocean freight or are shipping items that are vulnerable to rusting/water damage. VCI or vapor barrier packaging is recommended. This packaging helps eliminate risks from water vapor.

Shrink Wrap

As mentioned above, heat shrink wrap is an effective solution for protecting items from damage caused by dirt, dust, and other airborne particles. It is especially useful for both machinery and electronic devices and can be used for both small individual items and larger machines. 

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