Crating & Packaging Services in Cambridge, MA

On-Site Packaging Solutions In Cambridge

Headquareted out of Holbrook, Crate This supports businesses throughout Greater Boston  including in Cambridge. We provide fully custom crating services as well as many specialized services. No matter what you are shipping, where you are shipping it to, or what method of shipping you are using, we have the materials you need to keep your shipment safe. For instance, we provide special wooden crates that are up to international standards for both air and ocean freight shipping. We also specialize in industrial and commercial projects that require crating and packaging that cannot fit in a traditional shipping crate. Our team can help you handle the logistics of packing your goods before they ship out. Learn more about our services below, or contact us for a free quote on any shipping crates that you need. 

Custom Crating & Packaging Services in Cambridge

The goal of custom crating is to provide tailored protection for goods and packages. What you are shipping is as important as how you are shipping it. For instance, electronic devices can greatly benefit from specialized packing materials designed to prevent moisture in the air from damaging their wiring or components. Additionally, art and sculptures need special padding to ensure that they don’t take damage when shifting in place during transit. With Crate This we provide crate and packaging that is systematically designed and constructed to ensure that best protection for your goods. 

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating for Cambridge Businesses

When a company needs to ship something that cannot fit in a normal freight container, our team can help. We provide on-site packing and crating services as well as crating services at our location in Holbrook. Our team can ensure that your oversized or overweight cargo meets shipping standards and has the proper packaging needed for its freight method. 

If you would like a quote for any out of gauge cargo shipping and packing services, please contact our office for more information. 

Plant Relocation for Cambridge Industrial Locations

One of our specialty services is helping industrial and commercial location pack up and move. Whether a company is heading across the country or across the globe, it is vital that their machinery and technology is properly packaged and shipped. Unlike a homeowner, industrial facilities and commercial companies are potentially moving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of machinery when they relocate. Our team helps craft the packaging needed to ensure that all of your property’s machines are correctly packaged and shipped. 

What We Package:


On-Site packing services are a by-appointment service. Simply give us a call or use our contact page to get in touch with a member of our team. From there we can handle scheduling and pick a time to handle your shipping project.

A custom shipping crate has too many factors to give a general ballpark estimate on. Instead we recommend calling or messaging our team to get a custom quote. The size of the crate, necessary materials, and other factors will all determine the overall pricing for your crate. 

Yes, in fact we have created crates in the past that were specifically designed for multiple uses as well as one project where crates were converted into shelving units for the client. At Crate This we can always help you get crates that meet your exact needs.

Aside from providing packing services we also provide storage options for clients that need commercial storage. Additionally we provide specialty crating including trade show and exhibition crating. 


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