Crating & Packing Services in Burlington MA

On-Site Packaging Solutions In Burlington

Crate This works with businesses throughout the North Shore to provide shipping, crating, packing, and storage solutions to small businesses, industrial facilities, and other businesses. Our team understands the importance of a team that not only provides high quality crating but also quick and efficient turnaround times. If you need a team that provides extra value for your shipments including custom crates that can be used multiple times, expedited crating services, or routine custom crate manufacturing, our team is the prefect team to get the job done.

Read on to learn more about our crating services, or if you would like a quote for our services, click below to get in touch with a member of our team. 

Custom Crating & Packaging Services in Burlington

Our team provides customized crating for whatever you are shipping. From electronics and art to heavy machinery and equipment, our team can handle it. Additionally, if you are shipping similar goods repeatedly, we can create custom crate designs and have crates stored at the ready on our shelves here in Holbrook. That way, when you are ready to ship another item, your custom crate is already ready for your next shipment. You have all the benefits of custom-fit protection and expedited crating and shipping for your schedule. For more information, give us a call to learn more. 

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating for Burlington Businesses

When something is difficult to ship, we are there to help. Sometimes what you are shipping is too large for a normal freight container or too heavy. If that’s the case, you need shipping and packing solutions that meet your carrier’s standards and protect your shipment since it will need extra protection. We provide high-quality packing supplies and custom crating tailored to exactly what you are shipping. Moreover, our team works with ISPM-15 approved lumber so your shipment can be shipped internationally. If you have any questions about shipping something oversized or out of gauge, give us a call.

Plant Relocation for Industrial Locations in Burlington

When a business or large industrial plant is planning to relocate somewhere else in the state, across the country, or around the world, they need to ensure that all of their machinery and equipment gets there in the same condition it left in. We provide plant relocation services including packaging all of your machinery and equipment with custom crating that can be shipped domestically or internationally. We also provide on-site crating throughout the North Shore as well. Plus, if you are shipping multiple of the same device or piece of equipment, once we have made one custom crate, we can quickly manufacture duplicates of that crate. We can help keep your relocation on schedule with our expedited services. 


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