On-Site Crating Services & More in New Bedford, MA

On-Site Commercial Crating In North Bedford

The team at  Crate This specializes in working with commercial and industrial facilities throughout Massachusetts to help with packing, storage, and shipping projects. From our headquarters in Holbrook, our team manufacturers custom crating designed for both international and domestic shipping. We also provide commercial storage at our location where we can then package and ship your cargo anywhere in the country or world. Our team also provides on-site services or can pick up your items from your location in the New Bedford area to bring them to our facility in Holbrook or package them at your facility. If you have any questions about our services or would like a quote on crating, shipping, or storage services with Crate This, please contact us for more information.

Custom Crating & International Crates for North Bedford Businesses

Our team designs custom crating. Our engineers take every factor into consideration when designing and manufacturing crates. Custom protection is the best protection for any shipment no matter where you are shipping it. With heat shrink wrapping, vapor barrier protective coatings, custom foam padding, and high-quality lumber, we are able to provide great crates that can be used time and time again. To that point, we often work with businesses to reproduce similar crates on a routine basis. A company can work with us to have crates ready to go that are already customized to the items they ship. This lets you get the best of both worlds with both custom protection for your shipments and quick turnaround times. For more information, please contact us or click below. 

Certified Crating in For North Bedford MA

We are certified crating manufacturers who create crates that are ISPM-15 certified for international travel. We have a long history of working with freight forwarders and logistics companies, so we understand the importance of meeting all standards and regulations, as well as the importance of understanding how to get the most value for our customers. Understanding LTL and shipping methods allows us to design crates that are easy to load and unload and that work well with your shipping company. Our crates are made with high quality materials, and are manufactured here in Massachusetts. If you are looking for good crates for your business please contact us. 

Business Relocation Services & Crating in New Bedford Massachusetts

Planning to move your operation? We can help with storage and with the crating you need to protect all of your machinery and other items. When a homeowner or office is planning on downsizing or relocating they might choose to work with a moving company and a simple storage facility. But when large commercial properties and industrial facilities need to consider how to protect all of their delicate machinery and devices, they work with us for our expert care and protection.


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