On-Site Crating Services & More in Worcester, MA

On-Site Commercial Crating In Worcester

Crate This specializes in provide high quality crating to businesses throughout Massachusetts. Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, we can help with crating services. If you are shipping fragile items or delicate machinery we can either bring our materials to your location or we can transport your items safely to our warehouse in Holbrook where they can be crated and shipped directly from there. We provide on-site and expedited services by request. If you have any questions about our on-site crating services, please let us know. We can also provide estimates for crating costs based on some information about your shipment including dimensions and what you are specifically shipping. Our goal is to tailor your crates to the exact needs and specifications of your shipment. 

Custom Crating & International Crates for Worcester Businesses

Crate This provides international shipping crates that are customized to whatever you are shipping. We work with lumber that is approved to be used for international shipping and that is appropriately stamped. All of our materials are designed to help improve the protection of your shipment while also making it easier and less of hassle to ship your goods. We have decades of experience with carriers and shipping companies and can help make sure that your goods meet the needs and standards of the freight forwarding method you are using. So whether you ship across the globe, country, or state, our team can make sure your items are properly packed and protected. 

Certified Crating Manufactured in Worcester

We are certified crating team that designs and manufactures a variety of shipping containers based on different types of projects. For example we have created unique reusuable crates for companies that have to ship the same item multiple times. An example of those types of crates are our exhibition or tradeshow crates that are used to pack and move tradeshow booth elements across the country. We also can work with businesses to design and pre-make multiple crates for upcoming shipments. For example, if you are shipping the same items over and over again, we can build high quality crating that is pre-made and tailored to your items, so once you get an order we can quickly get the crate out to you. 

Business Relocation Services & Crating in Worcester

When the average homeowner is excited to move across the country they might call a good moving company to help with packing and shipping. But when an industrial facility or commercial business needs to consider how to properly pack, store, or ship all of their assets, that is where our team comes in. We provide commercial storage at our facility in Holbrook, so your items can be held while you move from one location to another. Our team can also crate and ship all of your machinery and other items. For more information, please give us a call


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