Custom Crating & Packaging Services in New Haven, CT

On-Site Packaging Solutions

The Crate This warehouse and manufacturing facility is located in Holbrook, Massachusetts just a few miles south of Boston. Our team works with clients throughout the northeast to help them package and ship goods domestically and internationally . Sometimes due to expedited shipping schedules or because of fragile goods, we will bring our shipping materials to our client's location to help them pack and ship their goods. This includes traveling to New Haven CT and the surrounding area.

Commercial Packaging Services in New Haven

Crate This has worked with hundreds of companies to help them pack and ship goods. Our crates are made with high-quality lumber designed to withstand the pressure of international freight forwarding. Whether goods are shipped via air, truck, or ocean, our crates will always hold up. We work with the Northeast Lumber Manufacturer's Association (NeLMA) to ensure that all of our crates are made with sturdy wood that meets international standards. Aside from the crate itself, we provide a variety of packing materials designed to keep electronics and technology safe from water damage, impact damage, and dust/debris damage. No matter what you are shipping, where you are shipping, and when you are shipping, we can provide the materials to ensure that your shipment stays safe.

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating in New Haven

Crate This specializes in working with large oversized goods. If you are shipping something that will not fit in the traditional freight container or something that is too heavy for traditional shipping materials, we will custom manufacture what you need to ship your goods. Without the natural protection of a freight container or a box truck's outside walls, your shipment is at increased risk of damage due to environmental elements. Our team will make sure your goods are properly packaged and strapped down so that they are safe. Learn more about our packing materials on our packaging solutions page.

Plant Relocation for Industrial Facilities in the New Haven

We consistently work with business and industrial facilities that plan to move across the country or the world. When a homeowner wants to move, they might call a moving company. But when a large manufacturing plant wants to move they can contact Crate This. We help hundreds of businesses relocate. During a project in 2019, we helped a facility not only move across country, but we also built crating that became shelving units for their goods.

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If you have any questions about our crating services or about relocation services, our team would be happy to answer them. Get a quote on any of our services including on-site crating & packaging by contacting us. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss scheduling, rates, and any specific logistics or criteria we need to be aware of.

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