Crating & Packing Services in Bedford MA

On-Site Packaging Solutions In Bedford

Crate This works with companies large and small throughout the North Shore and the Northeast. We help with a variety of projects. Whether you are simply shipping something across the country, or handling a huge relocation project, or need help with tradeshow crating, we can help. Our team creates custom crating that is rated for international shipping. All of our crating is tailored to the exact protection your business needs. 

If you have fragile or otherwise vulnerable machinery, give us a call. We can arrange pick-ups or on-site crating services in Bedford and the surrounding towns. Our team will come to your location and either move your goods to our warehouse in Holbrook for packing, shipping, storage, or our team will bring our materials to your location to crate your goods. For more information give us a call for a quote. 

Custom Crating & Packaging Services in Bedford

We provide custom crating for a variety of applications. If you are shipping machinery, or unique goods internationally or domestically, via truck or ocean freight forwarding, we can ensure that your goods arrive in the same condition they leave in. By combining strapping, foam padding, vapor barrier protective coatings, heat shrink wrapping, and high quality lumber we can create packing solutions that ensure your goods are protected from all types of damage while in transit. And if you need something specific we can help as well. For example, we have created crates that can be used over and over again, crates for tradeshows that make it easy to move the crate around, pack/unpack, and we have even created crating that doubled as shelving for a client’s new location.

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating for Bedford Businesses

If you are shipping something oversized you need a team like Crate This. We specialize in things that are difficult to ship and logistical issues. We work with large industrial companies as well as international airports to help handle shipping concerns, especially regarding international shipping standards. Our team has decades of experience not only crafting the best protective shipping materials for oversized cargo, but also navigating the complex laws and regulations for domestic and international shipping. If you have a large project, please give us a call for more information on our services.

Plant Relocation for Industrial Locations in Bedford

We work with businesses and industrial facilities throughout the North Shore and Greater Boston to help pack items for interstate moves, cross-country moves, and international relocation. If you ned to move a lot of heavy machinery, specialized technology, or other items from your current location to another location, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss expedited services, as well as on-site services. This service can also be combined with storage if you are downsizing or are moving in phases over time. Our teams can help package your goods, hold them at our location and ship them out from our location once you need them. 


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