Crating & Packaging Services in Springfield, MA

On-Site Packaging Solutions

Located in Holbrook, Massachusetts , the Crate This team travels throughout the northeast to provide high quality crating and packaging services. We often work with businesses in Springfield Massachusetts to ensure that shipments are properly packaged and prepared for international or domestic travel. We provide a variety of services and materials as well as expedited services.

Commercial Packaging Services in Springfield Massachusetts

Businesses in Springfield Massachusetts can count on Crate This to deliver high-quality crates designed around durability. All of our crates are rated for international and domestic travel. We are partnered with the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturer's Association (MeLMA) and only use the highest quality lumber for all of our crates. International shipments require not only goods, but packaging to meet international standards. We work with businesses throughout Massachusetts to help solve shipping and packaging problems including reloading or reworking goods that shifted during the first leg of their trip. For a quote on our services, please send us a message through our online contact form.

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating in Springfield MA

Crate This specializes in oversized cargo. Out of Gauge cargo that cannot fit in a traditional shipping container is at a higher risk of damage when in transit. That is why we provide custom made packaging solutions designed to meet the specifications of your cargo. It is vital that any shipments sent via ocean freight have necessary water damage prevention. We ensure that all goods have rust protection, dust protection, water protection, and more through the equipment we use. For more information on our materials please visit our packaging solutions page.

Plant Relocation for Industrial Facilities

Our team often helps businesses with their relocations. When businesses need to move across the country or even internationally, it is a large undertaking. We have helped move large industrial facilities by providing crating, storage, and additional services. By creating a comprehensive inventory list, we can ensure that all goods are properly packaged and ready for shipment whether by land, air, or sea.

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If you have any questions about our crating services or about relocation services, our team would be happy to answer them. Get a quote on any of our services including on-site crating & packaging by contacting us. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss scheduling, rates, and any specific logistics or criteria we need to be aware of.

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