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On-Site Packaging Solutions

Crate This Crate This is located in Holbrook Massachusetts and serves businesses throughout the North East. Our team is constantly traveling helping companies with their domestic and international shipments. We often work throughout the major cities of the northeast including Hartford. Our team even offers on-site crating services to businesses in Hartford. By appointment, we will bring our materials to your location if you have goods that are fragile or need expedited services.

Custom Commercial Packaging Services in Hartford CT 

Our team believes in providing quality packaging solutions tailored to what our clients need. Whether you are shipping technology , machinery , art, or fragile goods , we will provide packaging that gives your shipment the exact level of protection it needs. We provide vapor barrier protection, foam padding, strapping, and heat shrink wrapping as well as our NELMA certified wooden crating. All of our materials are designed to provide safety for packages whether you are shipping internationally or domestically. With our on-site services, we can come to your warehouse or facility in Connecticut and provide crating services.

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating for Worcester Businesses

Crate This specializes in handling out of gauge cargo. When our clients need to ship large oversized machinery we have the recommendations, experience, and tools to help. In fact, we have often worked with Logan International Airport to handle any issues they have with oversized international freight. We design crating and packaging solutions for custom dimensions, and if your shipment isn't going to fit in a traditional freight container, it is going to need extra protection from the elements, especially for international ocean freight. So whether you are shipping across the continent or to another country, we would be happy to help with your oversized cargo.

Plant Relocation for Worcester Industrial Locations

Crate This has helped dozens of businesses with their relocation. Our company often works with businesses throughout the country when they decide to relocate. Similar to how a moving company works with residents, Crate This works with industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and offices, to help get all of their goods packed and shipped. Our team's crating is designed to keep your goods safe throughout their transit, so if you have one of a kind machinery, we highly recommend getting one of a kind crating.

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If you have questions about any of our services, or if your company has a crating project, plans to relocate, or needs a quote for out of gauge cargo; Contact us, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss scheduling, rates, and any specific logistics we need to know about your shipment.

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