Crating & Packing Services in Tewksbury MA

On-Site Packaging Solutions In Tewksbury

Crate This is the North Shore’s best option for packing, crating, shipping, storage and more. Our team understands the importance of high quality work while also meeting your deadlines. We partner with small businesses, industrial facilities, and large companies to provide expert crating, packing, and shipping services. In fact, we work with companies to create ready-to-ship crating, so if you have routine shipments, you have a custom crate designed to your shipments’ specifications ready to go whenever you schedule your next shipment. 

We also provide on-site and expedited crating services by appointment. If you need a team that is on top of your schedule and looks for ways to add value to your crating and packaging, you are looking for Crate This. Learn more about our services, or contact us today for a quote. 

Custom Crating & Packaging Services in Tewksbury

Our main service is providing high-quality custom crating for our clients. Our clients want to know that whatever they ship is going to stay in the same condition it left in. We manage this by providing crating and packaging that is tailored to your goods. We use heat shrink wrapping, padding, strapping, vapor barrier protective coatings, and more to keep machinery, electronics, art, and other items safe as they travel domestically or internationally. We use high quality lumber that meets ISPM-15 regulations for international shipping. We also provide crating that can be reused including tradeshow and exhibition crating

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating for Tewksbury Businesses

Our team specializes in the hard to ship. While we take projects big and small, when a client needs to figure out how they are handling freight that is oversized or overweight for traditional shipping standards, they ask us. In fact, our team has assisted with emergency international freight that is out of gauge. If you are shipping domestically or internationally, and need crating solutions for your goods that aren’t going to fit in a freight container, we can help. Our team can give you high quality crating designed to meet international shipping standards, and help remove some of the headache of shipping such unique items. 

Plant Relocation for Industrial Locations in Tewksbury

Our team helps businesses and industrial locations with relocation either stateside or internationally. When a homeowner plans their big interstate move, they consider hiring movers. But when a company needs to pack and ship millions of dollars worth of equipment, machinery, and goods around the world or across the country, they work with teams like Crate This. We provide custom-tailored crating for everything you are going to ship and can quickly and effectively produce multiple crates with the same dimensions and packing materials if you are shipping multiple of the same machines. Our team handles the hassle for you so you can rest assured that your goods will arrive in the condition they leave in. We have even helped with some unique projects like providing crating that doubled as shelving in the new location. 


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