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July 9, 2021
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How Can I Better Protect My Shipments?

When it comes to shipping goods, whether you are shipping something large or small, domestically or internationally, you want to make sure your shipment is properly packaged. Good packaging is the difference between your goods getting to their destination undamaged or broken. For a business, this can have huge implications. If you are sending goods to third parties, broken goods can greatly impact your reputation, repeat business, and can cost a lot in returned goods. Even if you are shipping your own cargo internally, you don’t want it to show up broken. In this article we will cover a few of the main ways Crate This can prevent damage to your shipments.


One of the most important elements of crating is making sure you have the right size crate. When a normal person ships a package to a friend, they might use a one-size-fits-most box for shipping. Combine that with a little bit of tissue paper or bubble wrap, and that usually is fine for shipping something continentally. But when you are shipping expensive machinery or high-value items, you do not want to risk it getting broken. That is why you should get a custom-made crate. Crates are durable for shipping, but it is still important to get the right size. Anything too big, and you have just created free space for your goods to move around in. That is why custom crates are so important. A custom crate is designed to minimize unused space so that your goods do not move around. 


As important as getting the right size crate, you also need the right packing materials. If you are shipping anything made with metal or with electronic components overseas, you should always get vapor barrier protection. Here are Crate This we have four different applications for VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors). We can help identify the right method for applying VCI based on what you are shipping. We highly recommend vapor barrier protection for shipments that are being shipped using ocean freight methods. For more information on vapor barrier shipping methods please contact our team.

An example of machine being wrapped for security


Another important way you can protect your goods is by using strapping and padding to ensure that they do not move or shift in place during transit. Using the appropriate strapping and padding is essential in preventing damage caused by bumping and shifting as your goods are moved throughout the shipping process. For more information on strapping and padding, please contact Crate This for more info as well as quotes on custom crating. 

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