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October 19, 2021
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December 28, 2021
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The Importance Of Custom Wood Crates For Shipping

No matter what you are shipping or where you are shipping it to, it cannot be overstated how important it is to package it correctly. This is where custom wood shipping crates and pallets are so important. Using the right wooden crates can prevent your shipment from getting damaged. When shipping an LTL shipment for example, it is important to not only consider your own goods but the surrounding goods. Other shipments sharing your container could move during transit and cause damage to your shipment. When shipping anything via truck or freight container, you should always consider using the right materials for the job.

Custom Wooden Crates For Shipping Internationally

When shipping internationally you want to consider a few key factors. First, are you shipping via air or ocean freight? Ocean freight methods increase the risk of moisture affecting your shipment. Having a full crate along with vapor barrier protection can decrease the risk of moisture harming your shipment during transit. Additionally, shipping via ocean freight means there is a high probability of goods shifting due to ocean currents. For this reason, a shipping crate made with durable wood is highly recommended. However, it is important to make sure your crate is made with the right type of wood. The international shipping community has standards in place for wooden crates. Wooden materials that are not properly treated risk the spread of insects to different environments which is why all wooden materials used for international shipping need to meet international treatment standards. For instance, the Crate This team is partnered with NELMA (the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association) to make sure we have the right materials for manufacturing crates.

Custom Wooden Crating

Another thing to consider when getting shipping crates is to get them custom-made. Custom-made creates are designed to the exact specifications of what you are shipping. This is ideal for any shipment that won’t fit in a standard crate or that needs extra protection. Custom crates are built with padding and strapping to hold your goods in place throughout the shipping process. This is ideally suited for machinery, art, fragile items, and any LTL or oversized cargo that is being shipped.

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Crate This provides crating for shipping domestically or internationally. Our team provides custom crating designed to provide the best tailored protection to your shipments. For more information please contact us for a quote.

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