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October 25, 2019
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November 25, 2019
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How To Handle Moving Your Company or Plant Seamlessly

A medical machine packaged for international travel

Is it time to move? There are hundreds of reasons that a company might decide to pack up and move somewhere else. Whether it is to be closer to suppliers or customers or even for tax break reasons, industrial plants are constantly moving. Relocation can be a logistical nightmare. Especially for advanced technology plants that have complex, one-of-a-kind machines that would take thousands of dollars to replace. When a family moves, they might decide not to worry too much about how they pack up all of their belongings, but when an industrial company moves, every detail could be the difference in hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the road.

Packaging Solutions

The first thing you need to consider is what your machines and other goods will require in packaging. Of course, the goal is to optimize packaging. In order to do that, you will want to work with a company that can build custom packaging. Your machines have unique dimensions and unique needs. That is why you will want to work with a company that can make equally unique packaging. Large packaging and shipping companies try and sell people on “one size fits all” packaging solutions, but these can be needlessly wasteful and cause more problems. Generally, you will need to buy packaging that is one size larger than the dimensions of your cargo. Not only is this a waste of material but extra space means extra room for your goods to rattle around. Plus these companies will hide fees for waterproofing and other extra shipping solutions. Most big-name companies don’t even offer multiple options for waterproofing, foam inserts, or heat shrink wrapping. A custom packaging company can offer tailor-made shipping options that fit your budget and also don’t waste materials that aren’t needed.

Waterproof, Damage Resistant, Crating in Massachusetts

If you are located in Massachusetts, you should work with Crate This. We offer four different types of waterproof packaging. And we are going to make recommendations based on where you are shipping to and what you are shipping. We work with freight forwarders, so we know what to expect when a package travels domestically or internationally. We will also use a combination of foam inserts, blocking, and strapping to ensure that your machines are not going to rock back and forth or bump the inside of the Crate. And for electronics, we can add heat-shrink wrapping to make sure no dust or debris messes with the internal workings of your goods. If you need to relocate your business whether domestically or internationally, we would like to make a bid on your project needs. Give our sales team a call or email us at: sales@cratethis.com

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