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Problems With Damaged Goods & Ecommerce

broken shipment and box

Ecommerce companies continue to grow in America and other countries. The ease of online shopping has become more and more prevalent. Each quarter new markets open up to online shopping, which is why many eCommerce companies are shipping goods to international markets around the world. However, one large drawback of international shipping is dealing with broken or returned goods. Depending on the return policy your company or your third-party vendor has setup, there can be a lot of lost revenue added to your overhead due to property damage. That is why it is in every company’s interest to limit damage to goods.


Many freight forwarding companies offer insurance on damaged goods. It can cost extra but overall can save companies more money if they get insurance on all of their shipments. The benefit of working with insurance is that when a claim is lodged, it lands on the insurance company to validate the claim instead of on your staff.

Resale Options

In some cases, returned goods from customers can be salvaged. Either your company or another vendor can sell “used” products for a slightly discounted rate. In this scenario, the returned goods are not complete losses but also do not retain the full value that they were initially worth. For companies that work with physical locations, it is very easy to resale used and returned goods that are still in marketable condition. Ecommerce sites, however, need to find other ways to resell goods. Some companies sell their returned goods to other vendors whereas others repurpose their goods. Although, unlike retail locations, it is not as common for goods to be returned unless a policy is a setup. More likely, goods are thrown out instead of returned since customers do not want to pay for packaging. That is why it is so important for eCommerce websites to make sure goods don’t get damaged in the first place.

Custom Crating

The best way to avoid dealing with sales losses over broken cargo is to stop it from getting broken in the first place. That is where custom crating comes in. With Crate This, retail and eCommerce companies can protect their goods with custom-designed crates. All the crates are designed with unique packaging solutions that keep goods safe from water damage or impact damage. Our crates are rated for international shipment, so whether you are shipping via air or water, you can rest assured that your products will arrive safely. Give us a call to learn more about Crate This and get a quote for your shipping needs.

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