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FAQ: Heat Shrink Wrapping

Crate This Uses Heat Shrink Wrapping to protect machinery

At Crate This we provide our clients with multiple packaging solutions that keep their goods secure and damage resistant throughout travel. One of the packaging methods we use is heat shrink wrapping. Heat shrink wrap is an affordable material that is ideal for domestic shipping. Heat shrink wrapping is commonly used in the packing industry for a variety of products including food, electronics, toys, clothing, and more.

What Is Heat Shrink Wrapping?

Shrinkwrap is made from a variety of substances including PVC, polyethylene, polyolefin, polypropylene, and other plastics. As the name suggests, shrinkwrap is designed to shrink when heated. Generally, heat causes an expansion in most chemical compounds, but shrink wrap plastics are unique that they contract when under warm temperatures. They also remain contracted and therefore create an airtight barrier around whatever they covered. For this reason, heated shrink wrap is commonly used to protect products and cargo from dust and dirt that they may come into contact with when in transit. Compared to simple wrapping an item with paper, shrink wrap protects products at the molecular level by creating an airtight seal.

How Does Heat Shrink Wrapping Work?

Shrinkwrap will be applied over a selected item and then heated with a heat gun. This creates an airtight seal on the product that will keep the product safe from water damage and debris until opened. There are many varieties of shrink wrap that can be applied. There is flat roll stock, centerfold film, and pre-formed shrink wrap bags. All of them work following the same properties, once they are wrapped around the cargo they are heated which causes them to shrink and form a seal around the item.

How Much Does Heat Shrink Wrap Cost?

Shrinkwrap is generally an affordable packing option. Centerfold PVC shrink wrap can cost less than $100 per 500 feet, and buying in bulk allows packing companies to get a much better dollar/foot ratio on shrink wrap. The machines used to apply and heat shrink wrap vary in price. But for a single packing job, shrink wrap will cost depending on the amount needed to fully cover and seal your cargo. If you are looking to have your products wrapped with shrink wrap you can contact Crate This for a quote.

Get Custom Packaging From Crate This

The Crate This team can help you ship products safely anywhere in the world. Our team will design packaging based on your company’s budget, cargo, and destination. We help companies save money on packaging without having to worry about losing money on damaged goods.

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