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The Importance of Water Resistant Packaging & Crating

Water proof packaging

Before you consider your marketing strategy, your digital presence, or your shipping budget, if you ship products domestically and/or internationally, it is vital that you have good packaging. Not only does bad packaging cost you in replacements and returns, it also costs your company its reputation. Both B2B and B2C companies have a lot to lose if they rely on insufficient packaging when shipping their products. Bad reviews and word of mouth can spread quickly, which is why you should always consider the importance of water-resistant packaging.  

Water Resistant Packaging Options

There are many options when it comes to protecting your goods from water damage. And the different options are rated for different types of traveling and different types of products. Contrary to what larger packaging and shipping companies may say, there is no one size fits all option for waterproofing. Either they are over proofing your goods, which will needlessly cost you money or they are under proofing them which can lead to issues with damaged goods. That is why we recommend working with a custom packaging company that will take both your budget and the specifications of your shipment into consideration when designing waterproof packaging for your shipments. 

Waterproofing For International Freight

If you ship internationally you will most likely either ship via ocean or air shipping. Both of these shipping methods have their pros and cons. Ocean freight specifically requires that you consider waterproofing. Regardless of what you are shipping, having properly water-resistant packaging in place is a must if you want to limit damaged goods. Even via air shipping, it is still recommended that you utilize vapor barrier protection. A small layer of film applied to your products’ packing will get rid of moisture issues and keep your products from becoming damaged. 

Waterproof Packaging For Electronics, Machinery, & Fragile Products

Even domestic shipments over land require waterproof packaging when you are sending electronics, machinery, or other goods susceptible to damage from moisture. At Crate This we provide different applications of water-resistant packaging based on the goods being shipped, the mode of shipment, and the destination. This packaging coupled with our other shipping solutions ensures that our clients’ goods remain safe from damage from origin to destination. 

Get Waterproof Custom Packaging From Crate This

Don’t overpay for protection or under protect your shipments. With Crate This you will get tailor-made packaging designed to the dimensions of your shipment and the specific needs of your goods. Contact a member of our team to get a quote on your specific shipping needs. 

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