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A Guide To Finding The Right Warehouse for Commercial Storage

Whether you are a B2B manufacturing company, a retail brand that ships products nationwide, or even an eCommerce company, knowing how and where to find the best warehouses for commercial storage is vital. There are many factors to consider when thinking about commercial storage. Location, pricing, and the amenities of the location all need to be considered before choosing your warehouse. 

Warehouse Location

If you are storing commercial property in a warehouse, the first thing you should consider is the location. Generally, when a company has extra products that they can no longer fit at their plant it benefits them to find a warehouse nearby so that they can easily access their products or send them onward to a client. In many cases, there are companies that provide warehousing alongside their other services. For instance, a packaging, shipping, or freight forwarding company that also provides warehousing is beneficial over a warehouse that only provides storage. Instead of having to worry about transporting your goods from the warehouse to a freight forwarder or a packaging company, your goods can already be under their care making it quicker, less expensive, and more convenient to ship from the warehouse to the next destination. 

Warehouse Pricing

When it comes to pricing cheapest never means best. That said, you also do not want to get gouged on pricing when setting up commercial storage. Unlike personal storage, industries require much more space and better security to ensure thousands of dollars of product are properly stored. For that reason, some big brand commercial storage companies set high monthly rates. That is why working with a local company is generally preferred. More affordable rates and access to other services will greatly impact your overhead spent on storing your products. 

Warehouse Amenities

When choosing a warehouse you need to consider the specific needs of your products. Many warehouses will boast about their security which is vital, but not the whole picture. It is important to make sure your goods will be kept in a temperature-controlled facility that is properly sheltered from the elements. This is especially true for companies that are storing artwork, machinery, electronics, or other goods that need to be protected from water damage. As mentioned above there are also benefits with having your property stored with a company that provides either shipping or packaging services. For many companies, if they decide to use a generic storage company they will need to pay to transport their goods to the facility and then back to their location once they want to ship their goods. Each leg of transportation is not only costly, it also increasing shipping time, and increases the risk of damage to your goods. 

Store Your Goods With Crate This

Crate This provides commercial storage alongside our packaging services. Our warehouse provides affordable storage in a completely secure temperature-controlled building. With our crating services, we can design and build custom made crates that meet the specific needs of your products and have them shipped domestically or internationally. Contact a member of our team for more information and to get rates on warehousing

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