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December 23, 2019
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The Crate This Custom Packaging Process

Whether you are a small business, a large manufacturer, or somewhere in between, your shipping security matters. Companies lose millions of dollars in merchandise every year because of destroyed packages. That is why the team at Crate This works diligently to provide the best custom crating services in the northeast.

Located in Holbrook, Massachusetts, our warehouse is strategically placed 15 miles from Logan Airport and Conley Terminals. That way, as soon as a shipment is ready, it can quickly be sent out. To that point, we often speak with clients on our process and the time it takes. Shipping scheduling is a vital facet of any company’s shipping strategy and making sure that our clients understand our process is important to us. That is why we created this quick article on our process as well as some of our unique services.

Step One: Initial Consultation & Quote

Before beginning any project our team will need to discuss the logistics of the shipment. Crate This specializes in creating crates that can withstand international shipping conditions. Our lumber is certified for international shipping and we offer a variety of shipping solutions for air and sea travel. In many cases, we help industrial clients completely relocate their businesses. To do this we will have to create crates for breakbulk shipping or for oversized machinery. So, the first step for any of our projects is to get the preliminary information that we need.

This process includes getting the following information:

  • Shipment Dimensions
  • Itemized lists of what is being shipped
  • Protection needed (I.e. vapor barrier protection)
  • Shipping schedule
  • Shipping destination (international or domestic)
  • Mode of transport (truck, freighter vessel, plane, etc.)
  • Budget

With this information, we can begin to plan the next step of the process.

Step Two: Transporting Goods To Our Warehouse

For our clients throughout New England, our next step will be to move their shipment to our crating facility in Holbrook Massachusetts. To do this, we will bring some of our equipment to your location, we will block and strap down your goods and safely drive them back to our warehouse. From there we can take our designs and begin creating your crate.

Step Three: Crating & Shipping

Once your goods are in our hands, we will build the crate. Although before the crate is complete we will apply the appropriate level of protection for your shipment including heat-shrink wrapping, foam inserts, strapping, blocking, and more. Once the packaging is complete we can handle shipping for you or arrange a pickup. With our location already close to Logan International Airport and Conley Terminals, it is easy for our team to schedule your shipment.

Expedited Same-Day Crating Service

In some cases, a shipping schedule does not allow for this process. This process can take a few days to a few weeks depending on where our client is located, and the number of crates needed. However, by appointment, we do offer expedited services. For these services, we will handle crating and packaging for same-day shipping. In some cases, we have helped clients get a shipment fully packaged and shipped so that it landed at their destination the same time they did. To learn more about this service please contact our team.

On-Site Crating Service

Another alternate service is our on-crating service. There are a few reasons some of our clients request on-site crating. The main ones are because of the distance between our client and our facility, the extremely fragile nature of the goods, or conflicts with shipping schedules. Whatever the reason, our team is willing to help by providing our on-site crating service. We primarily work in the northeast, but our team has gone all over the country in the past to provide our on-site crating service. For more information, please send an email to our team through our contact form.

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