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February 25, 2020
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March 28, 2020
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COVID19 Packaging Announcement

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With the current crisis around the coronavirus pandemic in America, the Crate This team wanted to take the time to inform all of our business partners about our operations amid the outbreak. During the Coronavirus outbreak, we intend to continue all of our services. As you may know, recent travel bans do not apply to cargo and freight. We believe that it is instrumental that we continue to help American companies ship goods around the world so that we can lessen any strain on commerce. We will continue to provide our crating and packaging services.

Future Coronavirus Updates

We will continue to use this blog as well as our newsletters to update our business partners and clients about any new updates to how we are handling COVID19. If it should happen that we need to shift to a work from home structure for our company, we will continue to provide crating services by appointment. Our team is dedicated to continuing to work through this pandemic so that all of our clients both old and new can have reliable crating made for domestic and international shipping. We have absolutely no intention to slow or stop our warehouse production at this time, so if you have a job that needs to get done we will get it done.

On-Site Crating Service

One of our services that may need to be updated is our on-site crating services. Depending on legislation we may need to make changes. But as of writing this, we will continue to accept appointments for on-site crating. Simply send us a message online, and a member of our team will send you a response to set up a time to meet at your warehouse or industrial location.

Warehousing Services

Crate This provides affordable warehousing for commercial and industrial clients throughout New England. If you need your goods warehoused because you are shutting down a facility, we would love to help you. Our warehouse space is perfect for short and long term storage and we still have space available to store any of your goods. Because it is the same facility we design crates in, we can also package anything in storage per your request so that it can be shipped to another location. Contact us online for more information on rates and storage.

Stay Connected

As mentioned above we will continue to keep you updated through our website and our newsletters on the current status of Crate This’ business. If you have any questions you can call us during our normal business hours.

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