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March 20, 2020
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April 24, 2020
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Commercial & Industrial Storage During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has surely shaken up the industrial and commercial sectors. In order to meet federal and state legislation, many warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other large industrial buildings have had to shut down or operate under limited hours. This downtime is uncertain and many business owners have to make some challenging decisions. During this time Crate This wants to help in whatever way possible to support the commercial and industrials sectors. It is our belief that the key to maintaining a healthy economy is to find ways to support local and regional businesses and for businesses to continue to partner together during this trying time. Here are a few ways that we are helping.

Affordable Storage Solutions For Businesses

If your facility is taking time off, you may have excess products or machinery that need to be stowed away. Our warehouse in Holbrook, Massachusetts is designed for storing industrial goods. At Crate This, we often provide storage to help support companies that need to hold off on shipping. If you store your goods with us, we can always bring them back to you, or package them and forward them to another location in the future. Our storage facility is designed to be a secure location with 24/7 surveillance and temperature-controlled interiors. We offer highly competitive rates and are working to help businesses find storage solutions for equipment and products while their plants are closed.

Plant Relocation Service

During this time, a few businesses are looking at moving their entire operation to a new building. If this applies to your business, we want to help you package and ship all of your goods. We design crating that makes plant relocation simple. Our packaging solutions will make unloading easier and we can handle a lot of unique packaging constraints. Our crates are rated for international and domestic travel, so wherever you need to send your goods, we can create packaging that works for you.

Contact Us For Quotes

During this time we want to help businesses navigate the challenges of shipping, packaging, and storage. If your business needs help moving large amounts of goods or equipment, we would like to help. We offer on-site crating services as well as 24/7 services where we expedite our process. If you have questions or would like quotes for any of our services, please contact us online to learn more.

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