What Extra Precautions Are Available For My Shipment

when shipping something overseas or across the country you want to make sure it is protected. Have you ever wondered how priceless art is shipped from museum to museum with zero damage? That is because the shipping and crating community has come up a variety of extra precautions that can be taken for fragile goods, electronics, delicate machinery, and other goods. We have all experienced damaged products and goods from transit. This can have huge implications for businesses and individuals. A priceless item being broken can be hard to fix. This is why companies turn to crating professionals to handle the creation of shipping containers for any high value or highly fragile goods.

Custom Packing Materials For International Shipping

The first part of making a custom crate is ensuring that the crate has the right dimensions. A big danger to any shipment is damage caused by movement. Empty space inside of a crate allows goods to shift in transit. Whether the shipment is in a plane, on a ship, or on a truck, sudden changes in direction and speed acceleration cause things to move quickly. A custom crate is designed to limit the space inside so things do not jostle in transit. 

Another element of the crate is strapping and foam inserts. Foam inserts, bubble wrap and similar materials decrease the damage caused when things move around. Strapping can hold items in place. Depending on what is being shipped, the amount of foam and other materials needed might differ. For example, a fragile item made of glass might be fully wrapped in foam and strapped down. 

Other protective materials are used to ensure that a package is safe throughout the transit process. Vapor barrier protection includes a variety of materials that are designed to prevent water moisture from causing rust or damaging goods. Whether you are shipping art or electronics, it is imperative to prevent air moisture from causing problems. Similarly, heat shrink wrap provides a layer of protection that prevents dust and dirt from getting inside your shipment. 

Altogether, a custom crate that utilizes strapping, foam inserts, and various packing materials is much better suited for international and domestic travel than one-size-fits-all solutions you might find when you work directly with a carrier or when you buy packing materials. If you have a high value item that cannot be damaged, you should consider working with a company that can tailor the protection to your goods. 

International Shipping Requirements

It is also important to make sure that any shipping materials used in a custom shipping job meet international standards and also fall in-line with the regulations your carrier has. Custom crating companies can ensure that international requirements are met and that any and all crating and packaging is properly handled, labeled, and filed for your carriers.

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