Trade Show Booth Design Ideas In 2022

As we continue to climb out of the global pandemic, we have seen a return to trade shows. And that means a return to trade show booth design. In this article we are going to be covering some of the great ideas that other companies have utilized to stand out of the crowd at trade shows and expos. Here at Crate This, we help design intelligent crating for trade shows and exhibition events. Our crates not only protect your booth elements but also make it easy to pack and unpack them. 

If you have a trade show booth design that you want protected, please give us a call. We would be happy to provide a quote for crating and answer any of your questions on crate manufacturing. 

Make Your Trade Show Booth Interactive

One way to improve the trade show booth experience is to make it interactive. One great idea is to feature a backdrop that allows attendants to take pictures and post them online with your hashtags. This can help spread the digital word about your booth to other attendees and reach an audience beyond the people who came to your trade show. By leveraging social media marketing with a fun and unique backdrop, you can spread the word about your business and products online. Come up with a fun or funny backdrop that will make guests stop, take out their phones, and take a quick picture that they are sure to want to share on social media. All it takes is something bold and fun to start a trend. 

Use Lighting in Unusual Spots For Your Tradeshow Booth

Light naturally draws the eye towards something, however, most of us are quick to filter out repetitive information. So light coming from above that shines straight down with a common yellow or white tint is going to stand out. Using strips of lights, backlighting, or floor lighting can draw eyes to your booth. To go a step further look for ways to use LED lights in a unique and strange way. Some booths will actually create a glowing effect by putting lights in a semi-transparent booth setup so the entire booth itself radiates colorful light. This can quickly make your booth stand out. 

Build Your Tradeshow Booth Vertically

You may have a limited space on the floor but you might have a lot of room to go up. One way to stick out in a crowd is to be literally be above them. At some conventions and trade shows, a large looming item that is above your booth can draw people in from far away. A booth like that can be literally seen across the room and can even make your spot a destination among the crowd. People can use your booth as a waypoint when describing the trade show floor. Obviously multi-tiered booth set ups need to be discussed with the venue, but if it is allowed you might want to go big. 

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