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On-Site Industrial Crating In Brookline

With our headquarters in Holbrook, Massachsuetts, the team at Crate This consistently works with businesses throughout the Greater Boston to help manage crating for international and domestic shipping. We provide on-site crating services when needed, and can also come to your location in Brookline, pick up your items, transport them to our headquarters and package them there. Our team also provides commercial storage. One of the key benefits of working with Crate This, is that as a company that provides both storage and crating services, we are able to hold your items, pack them and ship them all from the same facility. Please give us a call at 781 552-4551 for more information. Or continue reading on to learn more about our high quality crating design and manufacturing services. 

Get Custom Crates In Brookline With Heat Shrink Wrapping, Vapor Barrier Protection, & More

Here at Crate This, we tailor our crates to your shipments. If you are shipping expensive, fragile, or vulnerable items domestically or internationally, it cannot be understated how important good crating can be. From the dimensions of the crate to the packing materials including custom cut foam inserts, vapor barrier protection, and heat shrink wrapping, every step of our manufacturing process is designed to ensure the safety of what you are shipping. Our design team considers what you are shipping, how you are shipping it, and where you are shipping it, when designing the high-quality crating for your upcoming shipment. If you are interested in learning more about our customized packing materials, please click below, or contact us for more information and a free customized quote. 

Custom Crating For Oversized Goods in Brookline

If you are shipping anything that cannot fit in a standard container you really need to consider custom crating and packaging. Not only will you need the extra protection to keep your goods safe from harm as they are shipped outside of a container, but you will need to ensure that your packaging is designed to be easily loaded and unloaded from your shipping vessel. Our team understands the logistical hurdles of shipping heavy or oversized machinery. We specialize in large shipments that are either shipped using a break bulk method or are shipped as a single piece. Our team designs packaging and crating solutions that not only provide protection but also ensure that they make it easier for your shipping carriers to work with. For more information please click below. 

Industrial & Commercial Relocation Services in Brookline

If you are moving your business across the state, country, or globe you need to consider how every item in your facility is going to be packed and shipped. We work with industrial plants, medical facilities, bio-chem labs, to ensure that their high-tech machinery is properly crated and transported. Additionally, we provide commercial storage solutions. So if you need to keep your items in our warehouse, during a transitionary period, we can help. 


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