Customized Crating and Packing Services in Hanover, MA

On-Site Crating For Hanover Massachusetts

Based out of Holbrook Massachusetts, the team at Crate This works with businesses and clients throughout Massachusetts to provide expert crating and packing services. Our team travels to facilities throughout the state to provide on-site crating/packaging services. This is by appointment as is our expedited crating services. Our team works hard to meet the needs of our industrial and commercial clients by helping provide expert crating on-time. We understand the fluctuations with shipping schedules, so we work hard to provide quicker services without sacrificing the quality and protection you need for your domestic or international shipments. Continue reading to learn more about our team’s crating services, or give us a call at 781 552-4551 for more information. 

Custom Crating Manufacturing in Hanover

We provide high quality crating services whether you are shipping internationally or domestically. We use a combination of protective materials like vapor barrier protective coatings, high-quality lumber, custom cut foam inserts and foundations, and heat shrink wrapping to protect your goods. Your protection is always designed based on exactly what you are shipping and where/how you are shipping it. With Crate This you can ensure that your goods are protected from damage whether you are shipping them across the state to another facility or across the world. All of your materials are customized to your shipment. That said, we often work with businesses to design crating we can create and re-create multiple times for businesses with similar shipments or routine shipping. 

Out Of Gauge Shipping Solutions in Massachusetts

Our team specializes in working with hard to ship items. When items are oversized either in their length, width, or height, or are overweight, our team can come up with solutions to help make shipping easier. We designed custom packing for items that cannot fit in standard freight containers or trucks. If you are shipping oversized goods, and need a team that can help handle the logistical load, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss crating and packing that is compliant with what your carrier needs. 

Industrial Relocation Crating for Hanover

Our team has also assisted many businesses with industrial relocation projects. When a large facility needs to move across the state, country, or world, they will often need to figure out the most secure shipping solutions for all of their unique and highly-fragile machinery. Our team helps facilities plan, pack, and ship all of their machines and goods across the map. 


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