Crating & Packing Services in Rockland Massachusetts

On-Site Packaging Solutions In Rockland

Crate This specializes in helping businesses of all sizes with their shipping projects. We create customized crates for international and domestic shipping. Combining vapor barrier protection, custom foam inserts, high-quality lumber, and adding the features you need from ramps to hinges, we can make sure the crates you need are perfect for your team. We are happy to help people with on-site crating services in Rockland or to personally bring your goods to our location in Holbrook for packaging, storage, and shipping solutions. For more information, please read on below or give us a call.

We create custom crates for our clients. This includes heavy machinery, fragile items, and a variety of other cargo. The benefit of custom crating is that every measurement is made with your cargo in mind. Any extra space in a crate can lead to potential damage when things move in transit. Additionally, we provide vapor protective coating, heat shrink wrapping, and a variety of other applications to ensure that your goods are kept in great condition. We provide both expedited crating and on-site crating services by appointment. We also work with industrial locations to provide ongoing crating services.

Custom Crating & Packaging Services in Rockland

Out of Gauge (OOG) Crating for Rockland Businesses

If you are shipping something large or something that cannot fit in a standard crate or freight container, we can help. Our team specializes in freight packaging solutions and has worked with project cargo and out of gauge cargo. We can help creating crating for domestic or international shipping that meets carrier standards. We decades in this industry we can help handle the logistical hurdles of shipping large machinery and materials

Plant Relocation for Industrial Locations in Rockland

We work with plants and industrial facilities to help with large moving projects. When machinery needs to be moved from one facility to another across the state, country, or globe, it is important that the machinery is properly packed and shipped. We provide high quality crating for these moves that can be used and re-used. For more information contact us for a free estimate.


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